The “Donate and Read” initiative at Ramadan Book Fair witnessed a strong interaction from children whose families were keen to enrich their culture and accustom them to reading. In this context, the child, Maryam Hamad Al-Qahtani, who initiated the initiative, achieved her goal, after a number of visitors praised her and were keen to deal with her who has the same idea where the book is rotated and made to benefit more than one child, in addition to the fact that this gives the opportunity to exchange reading experiences and makes the child read certain topics recommended by his peers. Maryam explained that her initiative depends on exchanging the books she has read and no longer needs, to exchange them with others who adopt the same idea. She attributed this initiative to compliance with the verses of the Holy Quran, and his call to reading, as well as the desire to exchange useful information and books with others. She said that she is participating in “Ramadan Book” to encourage children to read.