Al-Aziziya Youth Centre organized a workshop, “Character of a Young Leader” within the summer activity “Challenge and Leadership” program, which the centre presents “remotely” in line with the precautionary measures taken by state authorities to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus. The workshop presenter, trainer Ihab Medhat, introduced the participants to the concept of leadership and the qualities that the leader should have and the positive repercussions on a young man if he is a leader among those surrounding him. The presenter urged all participants to try to acquire leadership qualities. During the workshop, it was stressed that young leaders should enjoy the love and respect of those around them, have the ability to find innovative solutions to any challenges, and to be good distinct managers of their surroundings. This workshop was held with a goal to enhance the participants’ leadership skills and provide them with qualities that help them strengthen their personality, especially since there are tendencies among many young people of various ages to play the role of leaders to those around them but are in need correct guidance.
Al-Aziziya Youth Centre is keen to organize such workshops as they have a positive impact on the personality of the participants and contribute to replying to many of the questions that may come to the minds of some of them in those age categories. The Centre’s summer program includes various workshops and courses aiming to achieve maximum benefit for all.