Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented in the Qatar Scientific Club, is organizing the forum of Challenge and Innovation under the slogan “With Mind, We Solve Problems” within the period from 6 to 11 November 2021 as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture of the Islamic World 2021.


This event is a unique event in the region as it includes number of competitions, events and interactive scientific programs that aim at motivating and encouraging all segments of the Qatari and International Society including youth to participate in this huge event based on the fact that peoples and nations always bet on youth considering it inspiring social progress and a fertile source of new ideas in all fields.


Also, the event will provide projects that reflect the role of research, development, science and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy that supports achieving Qatar National Vision 2030. The vent will contribute to drawing the attention of the international society to learn more about the latest developments in the field of innovation, technology and modern technologies. Also, it will provide an opportunity to identify participations and achievements of youth as it will include two basic competitions (Innovations/Hackathon) that will be held over a week with international participation in addition to offering individual and group competitions to develop and enhance talents and abilities of youth in the field of invention, innovation and manufacturing.


The scientific competition entitled “With the Mind, We Solve the Problem” comes in response to the aspirations of the youth in the world to have a prominent role in the field of innovation and invention.