The Garangao Market: A Reinforcement of Identity and Establishment of Folk Heritage


Among a heritage and cultural atmosphere, the activities of the “Garangao Market” in Darb Al Saai, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Darb Al Saai in the Umm Salal area, continue, and will conclude tomorrow, with the celebration of Garangao Night, amid the remarkable presence and interaction of children and families.

The diversity of activities witnessed in Darb Al-Saai has engaged various age groups, although children being the most enthusiastic participants. They were drawn to numerous corners spread throughout in Darb Al-Saai, including “Hazawi Ramadan”, “Garangao Competition”, or traditional games, Or artistic workshops for children, in addition to the magic session.

Heritage Conservation

The “Garangao Market” competition attracted visitors in Darb Al-Saai, offering a blend of entertaining questions and cultural and heritage information presented by media personality Eman Alkaabi, Director of Qatar Media Corporation, and Mr. Mohammed Bin Nasser.

In this context, Eman Alkaabi emphasized that the competition creates a family-friendly atmosphere and contributes to reinforcing Qatari heritage in the hearts of both young and old, representing an essential part of Qatari identity.

She noted that the competition targets all family members, aiming to bring joy and positive vibes to the visitors of the Clock Tower Alley on this occasion. She highlighted the diverse topics and ideas of the competition, ranging from Garangao as a traditional occasion to questions and themes about the blessed month of Ramadan, benefiting everyone.

She noted that the competition targets all family members, both adults and children, as it is of a family nature through which we try to bring more joy and positive vibes to the visitors of Darb Al Saai on this occasion, pointing out the diversity of the topics and ideas of the competition, including Garangao as a heritage occasion, as well as questions and topics about the blessed month of Ramadan in a way that benefits everyone. Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser expressed his delight in presenting this competition accompanied by the journalist Eman AlKaabi. He affirmed that the competition revolves around various heritage aspects that are still preserved in the authentic Qatari memory. It aims to revive the ancient Qatari heritage among the current generation, thereby enhancing their Qatari identity and deepening their sense of national belonging.

The significant turnout for the Garangao Market events was described as highly notable, reflecting the audience’s desire to learn about Qatar’s ancient traditions in their various heritage aspects.

Among the activities included in the events are children’s art workshops, which have received significant interaction from children. These workshops involve training them to draw many heritage aspects associated with Garangao, as well as other aspects related to the holy month of Ramadan.

The presence of popular food stalls reflects the desire to learn about the culture of popular cuisine as part of the folk heritage. Additionally, the spread of traditional clothing stores, with all they represent in terms of heritage and cultural clothing from the past, signifies the integration of various heritage aspects through the Garangao Market events. These events, held for the first time, have garnered demands from the public to be held annually due to their remarkable attendance and interaction from people of all age groups.


Heritage Exhibitions

The Visual Arts Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, participates in the events through a series of art exhibitions, where the center presents three exhibitions to showcase artworks depicting the Garangao tradition, as well as works focusing on the holy month of Ramadan and Qatari heritage.

These exhibitions include: “Heritage Exhibition”: This exhibition features a collection of artworks by members of the center, highlighting the Garangao tradition, “Ramadan Exhibition”: This artistic exhibition embodies the spirituality and splendor of the month of Ramadan, and “Colorful Threads Exhibition”: This exhibition invites visitors to explore the world of weaving, where handicrafts meet history and heritage.

Rare Offers at the Ramadan Auction

The Qatari Center for Stamp and Coin Enthusiasts, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, will hold the 25th annual Ramadan Stamp and Coin Auction on Friday, March 22nd at Katara. This event, a recurring annual occasion, brings together enthusiasts and interested associations from across the Gulf and Arab regions.

The exhibition, held in collaboration with the Public Corporation for the Culture Quarter, will take place in Building No. 12 at 9:00 PM. It will offer approximately 271 valuable items to the public at reasonable prices, including rare coins, stamps, first-day covers from Gulf Arab countries, as well as old paper currency from Qatar, the Gulf region, and the Arab world. Additionally, there will be coins with unique numbers and examples of coins with errors.

Organizers of this event emphasize that the invitation is open to stamp and coin enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in this hobby, to participate in the auction. Furthermore, the invitation extends to various media outlets to shed light on this hobby and contribute to its advancement by providing suitable conditions for its development.



Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club celebrates Garangao Night on Sunday


The Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, in collaboration with the Dana Girls Center, will hold a celebration of Garangao on Sunday. This event, which the Al-Jisrah Club annually celebrates, will include the distribution of bags and nuts to children. Additionally, around 30 girls will present a display showcasing Qatari heritage, dressed in traditional Qatari attire associated with Garangao, accompanied by traditional Qatari music relevant to the occasion. This aims to familiarize attendees with Qatari customs and traditions, including the origins of the Garangao celebration, such as attire, children’s songs, and the distribution of treats. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about some popular Qatari sweets, further enriching their understanding of Qatari Ramadan traditions and the importance of preserving generational customs. The club has consistently upheld this tradition in various ways, including touring neighborhoods in Doha on club buses and engaging children in their communities. It’s worth noting that this year’s celebration will be attended by His Excellency, Ambassador Timothy Davis, who is eager to participate in Qatari heritage traditions, making the Garangao night an ideal opportunity for such involvement.

The Deaf Cultural Center Celebrates ” Garangao “


The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE organized a ” Garangao ” celebration at the Girls Department Center during a wonderful cultural evening under the supervision of Mr. Abdullah Al Mulla, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and coordinated by Ms. Najla Al Khalifa, along with a large number of center members. The event included artistic performances and an exhibition reflecting Qatar’s history and heritage, as well as presentations of delicious traditional food and distribution of traditional ” Garangao ” gifts to all attendees.




35 volunteers are participating in bringing joy to the children’s celebration of Garangao.

The Qatar Voluntary Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, has ensured the continuation of the “Garangao Market” activities held in Darb Al Saai until the coming Sunday, with a large group of volunteers from both genders. These volunteers were selected according to specific criteria based on the event’s goal and its message related to Qatari culture and identity. In this context, several volunteers emphasized that the event presents an ideal opportunity to contribute to the revival of heritage and share in the children’s joy.
Mr. Muayyad Al-Qahtani, the director of the Qatar Voluntary Center, affirmed the center’s commitment to supporting the “Garangao Market” activities with a large group of volunteers consisting of 35 individuals of both genders. He noted that specific criteria were used to select volunteers based on the event’s objectives and its message related to culture and identity. Al-Qahtani mentioned that the selection process was preceded by training sessions for volunteers to ensure they were well-suited to the Qatari environment. This was aimed at contributing to the best organization of the event and ensuring smooth operations in different areas, including facilitating entry and exit procedures, registering visitors and children’s data to prevent them from getting lost in the crowd. Additionally, internal guidance was provided, and preparations included holding first aid courses.
In turn, volunteer Shahad Yousef stated that the concept of volunteering aligns with the objectives of the “Garangao Market” in terms of promoting identity. She emphasized that volunteering should be deeply rooted in society, both culturally and practically, to enhance belonging and build the character of youth. She stressed that volunteer work is one of her favorite humanitarian activities. On his part, volunteer Abdulaziz Hamad Al Marri confirmed that he has been participating in the center’s activities for over a year, starting with last year’s Ramadan book fair. He emphasized that volunteering has added a lot to his life and contributed to the development of his personality and skills. It also helped him overcome shyness and gain self-confidence. He said, “I feel the value of doing good and helping others without expecting anything in return.”
Mohammed Mar’i Al-Hajri explained that he has participated in numerous training workshops to prepare himself for his volunteering duties during the activities at Darb Al Saai. He added, “Engaging in serving visitors enhances initiative and self-development. My experience at the “Garangao Market” means a lot to me and adds new skills to my personality, such as time management, teamwork, and sharing in the children’s joy of Garangao.”


Popular Interest in Traditional Games


Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Subaie, a coach of traditional games at the Garangao Market event in Darb Al-Saai, expressed that he participates in the activities through a traditional games team. He describes these games as collective and simple, aiming to convey a message to children about the importance of teamwork. Additionally, they seek to provide entertainment among participants and bring smiles to their faces. The types of these games include tug of war (rope pulling), fishing, dodgeball, hopscotch, bar bahr (sea crossing), and the last one involves children drawing a line in the sand, with the sea behind them and the land in front. They are then called upon to move either to the land or the sea to test their quick response and agility. The fastest and most agile participant becomes the winner. Furthermore, there’s a popular folk song associated with playing a spinning top game.

The children’s enthusiasm for these games is notable, as they are drawn away from harmful electronic games. Moreover, these traditional games provide them with time to develop teamwork skills among themselves, in addition to offering entertainment and joy.



The activities of the Garangao Market are attracting audiences in Darb Al Saai.

The events of the Garangao Market, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Darb Al Saai in the Umm Salal area, have witnessed remarkable public turnout until next Sunday. This reflects their keenness to revive the authentic folk heritage, highlighting the importance of hosting such events on this occasion, which attracts notable attention, especially given its diversity. The activities include segments on traditional games, Al- Mutawa )The First Teacher(, Suhoor, competitions, and others, all of which receive notable interaction from children and their families.
Among the segments of the Garangao Market is the “Al- Mutawa” segment, presented by the artist Mohammed Hassan Al-Mahmoudi. It’s a daily traditional segment for children that embodies the character of “Al- Mutawa” who gathers children around him in traditional heritage clothing.
Artist Mohammed Hassan Al-Mahmoudi expresses his happiness to participate in these events, evoking the depth of Qatari heritage amidst an atmosphere of faith and tradition, as he chants the sweetest words in Darb Al-Saai. He resonates in Darb Al Saai with the purest words, invoking authentic heritage among children, drawing from its source to take them back to the legacy and history of their ancestors.
Community Memory
Al-Mahmoudi describes such events to “Al-Sharq” as important, evoking the authenticity of Qatari heritage, highlighting the deeply rooted customs and traditions in the community’s memory, in addition to highlighting popular art, in a purely Ramadan atmosphere.
He says: “I am keen on performing the character of ” Al- Mutawa”, who presents to children their deep-rooted heritage and educates them about it. I was the first to perform this character, which disappeared from the scene after the emergence of oil. I had the honor of being the first to introduce it, and I always strive to present this character from time to time, as it is one of the most important characters I portray.”
He recalls the role of ” Al- Mutawa ” and emphasizes that he was the one who used to teach children how to read the Quran in the village, in addition to teaching them some educational lessons. When the children finish reading the Quran, Al- Mutawa performs a special chant (the “Tahmeedah” ceremony) to celebrate these children who have completed the Quran. After that, the children who have memorized the Quran wear traditional attire such as the bisht (clothing), a ghutrah (or keffiyeh), and Agal (accessory), and they are given a small sword as a symbol of manhood. Then, Al- Mutawa leads them at the front, followed by the rest of the village children. Al- Mutawa praises those who have completed memorizing the Quran and leads the others in prayer behind them, creating a spiritual and traditional atmosphere.”
Heritage documentation
The artist Mohammed Hassan Al-Mahmoudi describes the character of ” Al- Mutawa” as “an important figure in our lives, with a significant impact on our authentic Qatari heritage. That’s why I am keen on embodying it, documenting our rich Qatari heritage, preserving it from disappearance, and reviving it among the current generation and future generations.” He says, “I always strive to revive this character and protect it from disappearance. I work diligently to preserve this heritage and revive it among the current generation, connecting it to their heritage and instilling beautiful and popular customs and traditions in their souls. “Especially since this character is still deeply ingrained in memory, yet I am keen on continuously developing the performance of this character, time after time. I don’t say on occasion after another, as this character always accompanies me, and I am very happy with it.”
Among the phrases repeated by children behind ” Al- Mutawa ” are: “Praise be to Allah who guided us to the religion of Islam and chose us, Glory be to Him, the Creator, with His grace He taught us the Qur’an. We praise Him and His right to be praised, praise that cannot be counted, through the length of nights and time, eternally. I bear witness that Allah is One, and His Messenger, the most honored prophet.
Reviving Traditional Heritage
One of the activities in the ” Garangao Market” event is the traditional folk games section, aimed at introducing children to this folk heritage, thus enhancing their connection to it, as well as stimulating their intelligence and attention.
Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Subai’i, from the traditional games team at the Garangao Market event in Darb Al Saai, explains that he participates in the activities through the traditional games group. He describes these games as simple and collective, aiming to convey a message to children about the importance of teamwork, as well as providing entertainment and introducing them to this traditional heritage.
Regarding the types of these games, they include tug of war, fishing, tag, sack race, ” bar bahr (sea crossing), and “taq taqiyya” (a spinning top game), accompanied by folk songs. The children’s enthusiasm for these games is notable, as it takes them away from harmful electronic games, provides them with time for fostering teamwork, and offers them entertainment, joy, and happiness.


Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf Celebrates Amazing Achievements


Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf shined in the Ramadan Sports Festival for People with Disabilities, which is held annually, as a number of deaf people participated in the exciting Ramadan competition. The festival was held in the evening on Saturday, March 16, 2024, in the presence and honour of Mr. Faisal Al Marri – Assistant Secretary General of the Centre. The enthusiasm and motivation of the deaf players yielded amazing results, as the deaf, Ibrahim Massad, was able to deservedly achieve first rank, deaf, Rupa Mangalat, won second, while the deaf, Shibas Kondoplot, took third. The first rank winner, Ibrahim Massad, was crowned with valuable prizes, in addition to distributing prizes and medals to the second and third ranks winners.
The ceremony was attended by a large number of officials, organizers and sponsors who encouraged the players and shared their joy, which gave the occasion a special sparkle and gave it positive momentum. Thus, the participation of Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf in such sporting events remains a symbol of solidarity and community interaction, stressing the importance of involving all segments of society in cultural and sporting activities. Qatari Cultural Center for the Deaf shined in the Ramadan Sports Festival under the supervision of: Faisal Al Marri, Assistant Secretary General, where a number of deaf people participated and achieved amazing results. The event was held on March 16, 2024, and Ibrahim Massad was crowned first place, Rupa Mangalat took second, and Shibas Konduplot took third.

Widespread Public Acclaim for Gargee’an Market


The activities of the “Gargee’an Market,” organized by the Ministry of Culture, will continue in Darb AL Saai until next Sunday through many events that witness a remarkable public turnout, as a number of visitors praised the idea of the Gargee’an Market, which came at the right time and on an occasion that the Qatari community is preparing to celebrate, which is Gargee’an Night, which was revived on the middle night of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
A set of events will also be held in the Gargee’an Market, including the Gargee’an Competition, which is presented by the journalist Iman Al Kaabi, Director of Qatari Media Center, and Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser, in a heritage atmosphere that recalls the ancient past.
At first, Ali Al-Ghamdi from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that he was keen to visit Gargee’an Market during his visit to the State of Qatar and he was impressed by the distinctive organization of the market and the activities that accompany it, noting that since he entered the market there was a good reception, especially since he was keen to take his family with him.
Al-Ghamdi added that the events held attract adults and children and create a wonderful heritage atmosphere, considering that Saudi and Qatari traditions are one and that such heritage events usually witness a turnout of visitors. For his part, Badr Al-Shammari said that the idea of holding a Gargee’an Market in Darb AL Saai for the first time is an excellent idea, considering that the activities accompanying the Gargee’an market are diverse and attractive for children. He said that he liked the old traditional dishes offered by the market shops, in addition to the old markets, as well as the competitions offered, which he believes create a distinctive atmosphere.
He pointed out that Gargee’an Market is a very suitable place for families during the nights of the Holy Month with all the special activities it includes, emphasizing that his children spent very happy periods inside Gargee’an Market. Badr demanded that Gargee’an Market be held every year and that it continues throughout the Holy Month with its distinctive atmosphere. Ghassan Al-Saadi from Yemen said that the atmosphere of the Gargee’an market is wonderful and the idea itself is distinctive and that a combined market for Gargee’an supplies and products has never been established in Qatar, noting that he was keen to take his family to the market in order to spend enjoyable times in a heritage atmosphere par excellence. Al-Saadi considered the market an opportunity for those wishing to purchase supplies for celebrating Gargee’an Night, especially since there is a diversity of products on offer.
Mishal Musaad, one of the children present with their families, said that the activities held in the Gargee’an Market are very special, especially the popular games and competitions, emphasizing that he spent great times in the market. Regarding the Gargee’an competition, journalist, Iman Al Kaabi said: We are happy to present the Gargee’an Market competition in Darb AL Saai, as Gargee’an is one of the special celebrations of the State of Qatar and the Gulf region, noting that the competition aims to revive Qatari heritage, especially this Ramadan custom beloved by children who move from house to another during this occasion for collecting sweets provided by their neighbours. She added that the Gargee’an celebration on the night of the middle of the month of Ramadan, although the celebrations often begin before this date, represents a tribute to the children who have reached the halfway point and fasted the first half of the month of Ramadan, perhaps for the first time in their lives, and it is a motivation and encouragement for them to continue fasting the second half of the month, thus the competition is part of the Gargee’an Market activity that contributes to reviving this heritage.
Iman Al Kaabi said that the competition targets all family members, both adults and children, as it is of a family nature through which we try to bring more joy and good atmosphere to the pioneers of Darb AL Saai on this occasion, noting the diversity of the topics and ideas of the competition, including Gargee’an as a heritage occasion, as well as questions and topics about the Holy Month of Ramadan, in a way that benefits everyone, emphasizing that the goal, eventually, is to create a family atmosphere and enhance the Qatari heritage in the hearts of young and old, which represents an essential part of the Qatari identity.
In turn, Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser described the competition as receiving a remarkable interaction from the crowd, which is crowded with the knowledge square in Darb AL Saai, and that it is directed to children and their families, as it is a community competition, avoiding the stereotypes followed in other competitions. He added: The aspects of the competition revolve around Gargee’an and all aspects related to it, whether in terms of traditional clothing or aspects of celebrating it and how to receive it, in addition to monitoring the societal customs and traditions followed during the celebration of Gargee’an.
Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser pointed out that the competition is distinguished by allocating cash prizes, in addition to its distinction in achieving interaction with the public, by asking simple questions that address various heritage aspects, the most important of which is related to Gargee’an, as previously mentioned.
He continued: From this standpoint, the competition is keen to enhance interaction and communication with the audience, which is considered the first star in this competition, in light of its keenness to participate in it from the first day, in addition to its keenness to be present in Darb AL Saai, since the launch of the “Gargee’an Market” activities, which reflects his keenness to revive that authentic Qatari heritage.


The Ministry of Culture Announces “Honesty” as the Second Topic of the “Mthayel” Competition


The Ministry of Culture announced that the topic of “Honesty” was chosen as the second topic in the “Mthayel Nabati Poetry Competition”, following the first topic it presented, which revolved around “Inattention”. The Ministry, through their digital platforms, referred those wishing to participate in the competition to a link that includes how to participate, its conditions, prizes, objectives, and other aspects related to the competition. The second stage of the competition targets Qatari and resident poets. This episode is expected to be broadcasted next April 8 from the Darb Al Saai Theater. Poet Omar Fahd Al-Wadaani Al-Dosari previously qualified for the final of the competition after passing the first stage. While a poet is crowned in the competition every month over a period of nine months, the nine poets compete for the title and the positions that follow after those as final qualifiers.
Competitors are required to meet several conditions, including submitting approximately 12 verses of poetry and that the participant must not be less than 18 years old, and a commitment to filling out the registration form, in addition to adhering to the subject of the competition and the number of required verses, estimated at about 12 verses of poetry, and that the poem be written exclusively for the competition and not published previously, and it must be intended for Nabati poetry only.
In the coming months, the competition will address different qualities to be talked about in order to spread the spirit of values and morals and enhance identity through literature, as the distinguished poems that the poets will present aim to raise the cultural and literary level of the poets, in addition to adopting what enhances the taste of Arab societies and preserves cultural identity, in addition to enhancing general standards and meanings of poetry.
The competition also aims to support young poetic talents, to become a shining sign in the world of poetic creativity at the Arab level, and for poets to pass through it to the gateway to brilliance, enriching the Qatari and Arab poetic scene, after bringing their creative gift to the public through a competition that will be attractive to followers and poetry lovers, in addition to enriching the poetic movement inside and outside the country is based on the Ministry of Culture’s belief in supporting poetic talents and highlighting the most distinguished ones, and investing in the Ministry’s successes in the competitions that it presented to the creative arena over the past years, which received a remarkable turnout. The new competition is added to the poetic projects through which the Ministry seeks to develop talents inside and outside Qatar.