The largest canvas painting will be launched soon in Doha

The Ministry of Culture organized today, Saturday (November 26, 2022) a press conference to announce the inauguration of the largest painting in the world by the artist Emad Al-Salehi, which is scheduled to be nominated for the Guinness Book of Records; while this painting is expected to be launched on December 7 at Qatar University. This painting art was drawn on the canvas, and the work continued on its completion for about 5 months, after which he reached to create an artistic painting with an area of 9600 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of a football field.
During the press conference, the artist Emad Al-Salehi confirmed that the artwork he is working on is sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Culture, and that it needed more than 3000 liters of paint and more than 150 brushes to complete it.
Al-Salehi praised the support of the Ministry of Culture for the artists, stressing that it is the biggest supporter of them, as it adopted the idea of the artistic work, until it achieved success, and he is awaiting the launch on the aforementioned date.
About the importance of this timing in which the artwork is completed on the occasion of the celebrations of the National Day of the State, and the establishment of the World Cup, the artist Emad Al-Salehi attributed that timing to the fact that Qatar celebrates the National Day every year, but, this year the world shares its celebration of its National Day, in light of its embrace of various cultures, and this is my pride, to have a role through this work, to be present in the shadows of the national and World Cup atmosphere
For her part, Mariam Al Hammadi, the Director of the Department of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture, said: The Ministry spares no effort to support such artistic initiatives that highlight the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, through this artistic painting, the area of which is estimated at a football field, the artist was able to mix sports and culture, and deal with the Qatari culture and tourist attractions in the country through an artistic painting that deserves praise for the efforts made and the exploitation of art in shedding light on the most prominent and important sporting event taking place on the land of the State of Qatar today.
On this occasion, Sheikh Khalid bin Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, the Board Member of Al Faisal Holding said: “Al Faisal Holding is pleased to support the artwork of the artist Emad Al Salehi, which will enrich the art scene in the State of Qatar, as it is known globally for its interest in arts and art galleries; and, has become a center of attraction for the most important international artists. Thus, City Center Doha’s hosting of this distinguished workshop, which is nominated to enter the Guinness Book of Records, is a wonderful addition to the art scene in the State of Qatar, especially in this distinguished period in which the State of Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup. We wish all success to the artist, Emad Salehi
It is expected that the complete pieces of the painting will be collected, and be subject to arbitration by the Guinness Book of Records, where the inauguration will take place as scheduled on the seventh of next December.


Young Publisher is hosted by the Children’s Literature Center

The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, is holding an event of (The Young Publisher), at the headquarters of the Children’s Literature Center. This is one of the events organized by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, in line with its objectives aimed at raising the professional level of the publishing and distribution industry, supporting its mission in developing cultural awareness and enhancing joint cooperation between publishing and distribution houses in a way that contributes to the advancement of publishing and distribution operations, strengthening ties between publishers and distributors, and contributing in publishing and distributing the production of Qatari authors locally, regionally and internationally, introducing them as well as participating in local and foreign publishing, distribution and book exhibitions in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Culture and other competent authorities.

The Children’s Literature Center’s hosting of the event stems from being the first center concerned with children’s literature in the Middle East, as it was established in 2012, with the aim of highlighting the Qatari culture to be closer to the child. The Center looks at the child as an integral part of the homeland and the world, amidst the center’s keenness to create a reader society, and to create the reader young and that the latter is the most effective in addition to highlighting the State’s culture, strengthening the national identity and instilling a love of heritage in their souls.

The Minister of Culture made an inspection tour of the permanent headquarters of Darb Al-Saai

Today, H.E. Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Qatar National Day 2022 celebrations, made an inspection tour of the permanent headquarters of Darb Al-Saai in Umm Salal Mohammed area, where he was briefed on the readiness of Darb Al-Saai to host more than 4,500 heritage activities. And cultural, during the period from November 25 to December 18, 2022, under the slogan “Our unity is the source of our strength.”

His Excellency was accompanied during the tour by a number of local newspaper editors, media professionals, social media influencers and event organizers.

His Excellency inspected the events headquarters in Darb Al-Saai and the attendees briefed about the progress of work to complete the various main facilities, public and logistical services, and the ease of access to the permanent headquarters, which extends over an area of 150,000 square meters, and the final touches are currently being put in the events arena.

On this occasion, His Excellency expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the work, as well as with the efforts of the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations and the Media Committee to show the permanent headquarters in a splendid manner to receive citizens, residents and visitors to the country during the National Day celebrations, appreciating the completion of this national achievement, which is a heritage and cultural legacy for the Qatari society and future generations.

H.E. the Minister of Culture, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the National Day Celebrations, praised the rich events package prepared by the Ministry of Culture as part of the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai, which includes cultural activities, literary and intellectual seminars, poetry evenings and theatrical performances aimed at highlighting the authentic heritage, Qatari, Arab and Islamic culture, and pride in national identity in addition to upholding the values of the National Day and enhancing loyalty and belonging to this homeland dear to the hearts of all.

His Excellency also appreciated the various efforts aimed at enhancing the participation of all members of society and visitors to the State of Qatar in the National Day celebrations, highlighting the history and authentic heritage of the State of Qatar, and keeping pace with the world’s most prominent sporting event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In this context, His Excellency affirmed his confidence in Qatar’s successful hosting of the World Cup thanks to “our unity is the source of our strength”, stressing that Qatar will dazzle the world by organizing an exceptional edition which will be the best in the history of the world championship, God willing.

The permanent headquarters of Darb Al-Saai in the Umm Salal Mohammed area is distinguished by a high level of equipment, services and public facilities that provide comfort and safety factors for visitors and participating entities and enhance their experience during the events. This is evident through the distribution of the pavilions and headquarters of the participating entities in Darb Al-Saai as well as the design that highlights the original Qatari architectural heritage with a modern and creative character.

The new headquarters is also easily accessible from three main roads, in addition to the Doha Metro through the Green Line “Old Al Rayyan Station”, which enhances the flow of traffic, in addition to the presence of a parking lot that accommodates approximately 3,500 cars and it is connected to seven main gates and five service gates for entry and exit in complete comfort and there are also main display screens to broadcast a number of events in front of the Darb Al-Saai audience and there is also a prayer area for men and another for women and a number of service facilities.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations seeks to enhance the experience of visitors and guests of the State of Qatar in Darb Al-Saai with a rich package of events and activities that highlight the Qatari culture and authentic heritage. In addition to a number of literary, intellectual and artistic seminars, as well as exhibitions and competitions, two museums, a number of crafts and folk games, and workshops, all of which are held during the 24 days of celebrations.

The theater is an important corner of the cultural activities in Darb Al-Saai, where literary, intellectual and cultural seminars are held, and theatrical performances, poetry evenings and concerts are organized.
The theater is of particular importance in terms of the important cultural content it provides and in terms of the distinctive architectural form. The theater will witness more than 46 cultural and artistic activities daily, ranging from literary and intellectual seminars, poetry evenings, theatrical performances and concerts.

Al Bidda event documents the Qatari marine heritage environment in miniature. Al Bidaa area is the old Al-Fareej adjacent to the sea, and it usually attracts the public because of Al Bidaa’s deep heritage extension and an authentic Qatari heritage that reflects the feelings of intimacy and compassion that used to bring together the people of Al-Fareej.

Al-Bida includes Al-Majlis, Bait Al-Mutawa, the popular café, Majilis Al-Nwkhdht, Al-Niham, and Akkas Al-Freij, in addition to traditional folk games such as tug-of-war, snatching and Sada W Rada (ball blocking) and cultural competitions.

As for “Al-Housh (Courtyard) Event”, it expresses an authentic aspect of the life of the people of Qatar, as it represents a daily outlet for the family and children and many family activities are practiced in it.

Al-Housh Event provides visitors with more than 20 recreational activities, as well as taking memorial photos of the Qatari Council and the house’s furniture and equipment.

Al-Ramey (Shooting) Event seeks to revive an authentic sport that was practiced by parents and grandparents, because of its great role in achieving protection for individuals and providing hunting for a living. With the development of this sport, it became one of the Olympic sports in which distinguished athletes participated and achieved a lot of successes and championships through it.

On the other hand, Al-Zara’a (Planting) Event will be organized, which will introduce the basics of planting in nurseries and teach how to throw seeds, prune and trim trees as well as introducing the various types of local trees. It contains a wide range of interesting and useful workshops on making kohl, forming clay by hand, weaving with palm fronds in addition to training workshops on aromatherapy and botanical arts.

As for “Al-Shaqab” event, it targets the Darb Al Saai audience of all age groups, and its importance lies in the variety of activities and events it includes that satisfy all tastes, such as horse beauty shows, horse and carts riding, as well as heritage shows.

In Souq Waqif, the “popular market” in Darb Al-Saai, there are 80 shops and 8 restaurants to sell products of local projects to Qatari entrepreneurs. The market aims to introduce the community to the local product, provide support for the national product, enhance competition between entrepreneurial projects, and contribute to achieving Qatar Vision 2030 in supporting entrepreneurial capabilities.

As for “Qatar Reads” Event, it encourages children to read through the interactive activities it provides for them, including children’s story fair that include books about the State of Qatar, the National Day and the World Cup in addition to many interactive activities that motivate children to read and write and develop their keenness for knowledge and self-development.

“Darb Al-Saai” track, which is 500 meters long, has also been prepared for horse and horseback shooting competitions, purebred Arabian camel races, and events and tournaments that are held in Darb Al-Saai as part of the Qatar National Day celebrations.

The Minister of Culture inaugurates (the Antique City) by Hessa Al-Muftah

H.E. Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Thani, Minister of Culture, inaugurated the first personal exhibition of the plastic artist, Hessa Al-Muftah, under the title (The Antique City) in (Al-Wakra Gallery). During his tour, His Excellency was briefed about the exhibits, which were in their entirety documenting the local heritage and originality.

The artist, Hessa Al-Muftah, said that the exhibition reflects her love for heritage and originality in her works, including houses or doors, noting that she always took pictures of the ancient neighborhoods and different regions of the State in different seasons, the beauty of the sea and beautiful traditional ships.

She emphasized that the exhibition also documents characters who were teachers and inspirers for her during her life stages, noting that her love for heritage made her document everything about her homeland.

Hessa added that her exhibition (Ancient City 1) documents the memory of her hometown, the city of Al-Wakra, through paintings dealing with the beautiful past, old photos and distinctive moments that she had collected for a long time.

She added that the timing of the exhibition coincides with the imminent start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, through which it will present to the public and visitors from different countries the ancient Qatari heritage and the ancient lives of parents and grandparents.


The Ministry of Culture organizes various events for the communities in Bait Al-Sulaiti

The Ministry of Culture organizes a number of cultural events to coincide with the launch of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The events, which will be held from November 18 to December 15, aim to enhance the cultural diversity of communities in Dar Al-Sulaiti.

Mrs. Maryam Yassin Al-Hammadi, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts, said: Within the framework of the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to involve the communities residing in the State of Qatar, and to express themselves and their culture, the Ministry of Culture allocated the Al-Sulaiti House building to provide various cultural activities for the communities, with the participation of more than 15 communities from Arab and Islamic countries and East Asian countries.

She added: Dar Al-Sulaiti building is considered one of the traditional houses in which the Ministry holds various events, explaining that this house was owned by Mr. Hamad Al-Sulaiti, May Allah have mercy on him As it was established in the late 19th century, the state acquired it, pointing out that it contains three rooms, a hall, a yard, a large bathroom, a council, and a kitchen.

The Director of the Department of Arts and Heritage explained that the new section was added to the hall, bathrooms and offices, in addition to changing the floor of the yard from sand and soap to interlocking, and in 1990 it was officially handed over by H.E. the Minister of Information and Culture at the time, H.E. Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani, to Mr. Faisal Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, leadman of the troupe at that time to be a permanent headquarters for the Qatar’s Folklore Troupe, and then the National Council for Culture, moving to the Ministry of Culture, which oversees the building currently managed by the Center for Music Affairs, pointing out that the Dar was invested in holding concerts, seminars, lectures and a lot of popular and traditional work.

It should be noted that the cultural expression activities of the communities are considered community events, in which the community expresses its arts, heritage, customs and traditions, and shares with the members of the community the joy of these days that are swarming in the State of Qatar with the approaching launch of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where the world gathers in the State of Qatar in the spaces designated for internal and external events, with the participation of a number of communities.



(Qatar media) launches (Qatari Landmarks) Campaign

The Qatar Media Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture announced the launch of an informational campaign on social media entitled (Qatari Landmarks), as part of the Center’s endeavor to introduce the landmarks in the State of Qatar.

The campaign will be launched in conjunction with the opening of the World Cup next Sunday. It represents the center’s latest initiatives and contributions to the World Cup tournament organized by the State of Qatar.

The campaign, which will last throughout the days of the World Cup, displays 30 distinguished Qatari landmarks, in order to introduce visitors to the State of Qatar to its distinguished historical and modern landmarks.

Mrs. Eman Al-Kaabi, Director of the Qatar Media Center, said that the campaign is a contribution by the center to introduce the State of Qatar and its landmarks that deserve to be a destination for all visitors to the country during their presence in the World Cup.

She added: The Qatar Media Center seeks to have a mark during this championship, by activating its role in introducing Qatar and its distinguished landmarks, as we will have every day of the championship, a teacher we know about by publishing it on all accounts of the center on social media.

Al-Kaabi noted other initiatives launched by the center, including the (Qatar on Promise) bulletin, which is presented by a group of the center’s trainees and seeks to shed light on the latest news of the championship, as well as new videos produced by the center that include presenting many centers affiliated with the Ministry of Culture in a new way and with a creative idea to welcome all guests of the State of Qatar.

Publishers Forum discusses the (Strategic Thinking) book

The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum of the Ministry of Culture discussed the (Strategic Thinking) book by Dr. Jassim Sultan, during a discussion session within the (Let’s Read Together) initiative, in partnership with the (Iqraa w Ertaq) club in the presence of a group of intellectuals, authors, and those interested in culture and reading. The session was moderated by Mohammed al-Mannai from the management of (Iqraa w Ertaq) club, where he highlighted the importance of these sessions that seek to highlight the book and promote reading in all fields through various discussions, stressing the continuous supportive role of the Ministry of Culture to revitalize and enrich the cultural movement.

Dr. Jassim Sultan, the author of the book, said: The book’s papers contain important knowledge that helps in differentiating between thinking and strategic planning by clarifying the meaning and content of each of them, adding: This book comes with 22 books and it contains the renaissance project and focuses on the advancement of Muslim youth, society and the Islamic nation.

He also pointed out that the book explains the thinking process through systems, inputs and outputs, a control system, and processes so that thinking is not random. It also deals with the obstacles to thinking, including logical fallacies and their various types.

During his presentation of the book, the author discussed the meaning of strategic thinking, the meaning of the word of strategy and models of strategic thinking indicating differences, distinctions, and various defects, in addition to the forms of strategies used in various fields for the development and advancement of generations.


The Minister of Culture reviews three artworks by Shuaa and Salman Al-Malik

H.E. Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture, was briefed about the artwork of artist Shuaa Ali (Mahatat) which reflects an important era in the history of Qatar, and the two artworks of artist Salman Al-Malik (Al-Jassasiya 2022) and (Tob Tob Ya Bahr) which highlight the difficulties that generations faced during the era of pearl diving and the role of women at the time. Archaeological sites were also introduced with artwork through the movement of water to increase interaction with them, and to highlight the status that the State of Qatar has reached now.

Lebanese Arts in the Activities of Cultural Diversity

Next Friday, the Ministry of Culture will organize a special day for the Lebanese community, as part of the activities (Promoting the expression of forms of cultural diversity for communities), which the Ministry organizes during the period from November 18 to December 15, 2022, from 4-9 pm in Beit Al-Sulaiti. The Lebanese community, during these events, showcased the arts of music, singing and performance, the culture of food, and the culture of its own clothing.

The events organized by the Ministry of Culture include a day for each community, in which different aspects of its arts and heritage are presented in all various aspects.

“Our unity is the source of our strength.” A slogan that establishes the values ​​of loyalty and solidarity

Mr. Abdullah Ghanem Al-Binali Al-Mohannadi, Editor-in-Chief, emphasized that Qatar’s celebration of the National Day this year, under the slogan “Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength”, carries deep national connotations that reflect the spirit of belonging to the homeland and the consolidation of the values ​​of loyalty, solidarity and national unity. In a video interview with the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations, he indicated that accompanying the celebration of the National Day, with the State of Qatar organizing the first World Cup hosted by an Arab and Muslim State, is an important and great occasion to introduce the world to the greatness and originality of our history, culture, customs, traditions, morals, identity, and the glories of our homeland that we are proud of, pointing out that the State of Qatar welcomes the fans of the world, and all the teams and fans, as they are our guests on the land of Qatar, and we also welcome the millions of followers of the Qatar World Cup.

He added: We share those historical moments in the life of the nation, so that everyone can witness with us the unprecedented comprehensive renaissance and development that changed the face of the country thanks to the wisdom of the vision of our leadership, which always seeks to raise the State and the efforts, work and sacrifices of the loyal people of Qatar. In conclusion, the editor-in-chief expressed his pride in the achievements made so far.

This meeting comes within the framework of the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to celebrate the National Day, through a series of video interviews with a number of officials and media and cultural personalities in the country through its digital platforms on social networking sites, with the aim of enhancing the participation of all segments of society in the celebrations of the National Day of the State that coincide with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to highlight the national identity and Qatari culture, in front of the community and the State’s guests from all over the world.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations has been keen to prepare a number of promotional and welcoming videos in Arabic and a number of foreign languages to emphasize the upholding of the values ​​of the National Day and pride in the authentic national identity and to highlight the bright aspects of our history and culture and the extent of our belief in civilized interaction with other cultures and our pride in our Arab and Islamic values in front of the world.