Fatima Al-Nesf, the artist, gave a workshop entitled “Character Design” in a live broadcast via the Instagram account of AL Dana Girls Center. Suring the workshop, she taught the female members the basics of professional cartoon character design. She addressed the subject by talking about the most important steps that the creator of this artistic form goes through, touching into the tools needed to draw cartoon characters and the forms and methods of technical treatment. The workshop is scheduled to be held at 7 p.m. for a full hour. In this context, Fatima Al-Nesf explained, “Now we have a great power in the field of cartoon drawing, which has become the most attractive work for children in recent years. It also receives the attention and interest of adults. Moreover, cartoon characters develop the children’s talents and shape relationship with the world around them. Many of these drawings can motivate and enhance the abilities and imagination of children to reflect and innovate”. Even though Fatima Al-Nesf, the artist, is largely influenced by the old international cartoons and the Japanese manga, she makes additions to this art from the Qatari environment, transforming everything she is influenced by to a new creation of her own, from her own point of view, which is then reflected in the form of drawings of her daily life, depicting real life events that she lives and draws on paper.