Yesterday evening, the Qatari Forum for Authors launched a campaign to celebrate the World Book and Copyright Day, which falls on April 24 of each year. The campaign is to publish a set of videos and educational and awareness-raising information about copyright.

Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of the Forum, said that the importance of this day lies in highlighting the importance of writing and praising its role in nourishing thought, promoting a culture of reading among all segments of society, and cultivating a lifelong love of literature in them. Noting that reading and writing are not limited to entertainment and education, but rather extend bridges between us and others in various parts of the world and contribute to creating a society based on sharing its readings and knowledge.

I congratulated all writers on the land of Qatar and around the world on this day, which recognizes their role and position in society, and praises the products of their thought, the supply of their pens, and their positive and rich contributions to their societies.

In the same context, she stressed the importance of raising awareness of the intellectual property rights of writers to protect the material and moral rights of intellectuals, the need for writers to protect their creations by registering them with the competent authorities, to ensure that they are not subject to violation, and to attribute thought to its owner and creativity to the owner of true talent.

It is worth mentioning that the festive campaign will continue until April 24, with the participation of a number of writers and intellectual property rights specialists.