Fans of Al-Shamal Club are impatiently awaiting the outcome of the Club’s General Assembly to be held on August 14th. During the meeting, the president and vice-president are to be elected. News from the club confirm that there is a very high turnout by members of the club to pay membership fees on time. The Club has announced that the deadline for payment of fees is August 8th and that those who are entitled to attend and vote are the founding and active members who have paid the annual fees. However, there is also a high demand on new memberships by many affiliates and fans of Al-Shamal Club. Despite all that which is going on on the scene pertaining to names of candidates for the presidency of the club, yet nothing so far has been officially announced about any candidates standing for elections. This has been confirmed by Hamad Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, member of the Club’s membership committee. He affirmed that the Committee has not received any requests to stand for elections so far. He further stressed that the door is still open until next Saturday and before that date any member of the General Assembly is entitled to stand for elections. He also emphasized that the Membership Committee is doing all what it should to the fullest and all are awaiting what the coming days would unfold.
It has also been said that most of those nominated for the elections are currently arranging their matters pertaining to campaigning to win over the largest number of GM members possible before standing for elections so that each candidate would be on solid ground during the elections. There are also arrangements between some lists and a consensus to settle on one of the candidates. However, so far, nothing official has been confirmed in relation to any official list of elections taking the lead. However, only a few hours separate us from getting the whole picture and in all cases, all are expecting a fierce election battle.