Al-Dana Girls’ Center held an onlineworkshop to discuss the book “The Incapable of Living”, within the summer activities and events presented by the Human Development Trainer, Wadha Al-Athba. The workshop aims to discuss how individuals could reach self-satisfaction. At the beginning of the workshop, Wadha Al-Athba talked about the reason for discussing “The Incapable of Living” because the book discusses the grounds on which we must rely, in order to be capable of living.
The workshop touched on four main rules, including: How to love myself- What are the essential building blocks we need to love ourselves- Learn to embrace your feelings- Cleansing your mind – Live the experience – Forgiveness- Experience with close ones.
During the workshop, the trainer addressed some aspects presented in the book on how to take care of oneself and reach self-conviction, explaining that no person is complete, he has strengths and weaknesses, and he can learn everything new and change himself to the better in order to reach a healthy life through which he can enjoy calmness and peace of mind.
In her talk about self-satisfaction, she said: We can reach self-satisfaction by recognizing our deficiencies, noting that we are not perfect, we may go through ups and downs and we may then need help, counseling and routine-breaking , and will need to express what is going on in our minds. All these factors, she continued, help to reinforce this aspect.
Wadha Al-Athba called on girls to pay due attention to reading and gaining knowledge in light of the spread of other means of technology, explaining the need to benefit from their life experiences and learn lessons from them. She stressed that self-development is derived from life skills and wise decision-making , as the tools and opportunities that help introduce them to other people will make them better persons.
The online workshop experience, she said, is a great idea that shortens the time and lessens the effort needed to deliver the message to the audience, noting that there are some workshops that are suitable for being remote, but of course interactive workshops, presented in one room with the audience makes the message delivery better and stronger, confirming that it is a new experience under the circumstances we live and we hope that we will return to normal life soon, God willing.
She commended in Al-Dana Girls’ Center for hosting her through this workshop, and said: “We hope that there will be more cooperation in many different workshops”.