Qatar Cultural Center for the Blind celebrates International White Cane Day, which falls in the middle of October each year, by organizing the “White Cane March” under the slogan “My Cane Lights My Way” tomorrow, Monday, in cooperation with Qatari Diar, and with the participation of the center’s members, including blind and visually impaired people of both sexes, and institutions. The state, centers for people with disabilities, volunteers from the Qatar Red Crescent, those interested in the issues of people with visual disabilities, and their families and loved ones.

The march, which is organized by the center on Lusail Avenue (Boulevard) at five in the evening, aims to introduce the importance of the white cane for the blind, as its use facilitates safe and easy movement in places, as well as to raise awareness among the community that the user of this cane is blind, and to provide assistance to him, secure the road, and give him the opportunity to move.

For his part, Mr. Faisal Al Kooheji – Chairman of the Center’s Board of Directors, indicated that the Center is keen to celebrate the International White Cane Day annually, due to its importance to the blind and what it represents to them, and to emphasize their ability to exercise the rights and responsibilities that others enjoy, as the use of the cane made it easier for the blind to move around safely, relying on themselves. They in turn invited all segments of society to attend and participate in this celebration, and to march because of its importance, the importance of the white cane, and to learn about the simplest things that must be considered when dealing with people with visual disabilities.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sada, Director of the Office of the CEO and Public Relations Department at Qatari Diar, confirmed: “We would like to express our deep appreciation for the efforts of the Qatari Cultural Center for the Blind in raising awareness and caring for people with visual disabilities. Qatari Diar is pleased to be a partner in this important event (March White Cane) As part of its responsibility towards society, we look forward to more future cooperation and sustainable participation in efforts to improve our society and support the blind and people with special disabilities. Qatari Diar is committed to the values ​​of social responsibility as an essential part of its identity and business. We believe that the success of any company must be in line with its positive impact on the community in which it operates.