As part of the series of seminars and workshops hosted by the Sulaiti House Music Salon, the Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture is organizing this evening a symposium on “Maqam Art in Inshad.” The symposium will feature the role of Ali Ayoub, who will be introduced to the audience at the symposium. Al-Nahawand, Al-Sika, Al-Bayat, Al-Hijaz, and Al-Ajam… The symposium will also address the history of maqams and their relationship with Inshad. A group of singers will participate in enriching information; including, Mahmoud Hamdi, Imad Hamdi, Muhammad Ghannam, Muhammad Oudah, and Abdul Hamid Al-Yousif will present the seminar. Mr. Khaled Al-Salem, director of the Music Affairs Center, said, the organization of these seminars comes within the framework of the center’s keenness to spread the musical culture in society and to enhance knowledge about it. The House of Sulaiti Music Hall is considered the appropriate space to hold this weekly event, in which we host a group of musicians and specialists in this field to discuss various topics related to music. He pointed out that the Maqam Art Forum in Inshad will include a general introduction on maqam science, along with a set of themes: He pointed out that the center will soon announce the “Nagham” competition through the center’s social media sites. He said that the center would play a major role in the World Cup, in addition to organizing the Arabic language event, in which the music of the Arab countries will be highlighted. The Nagham competition achieved its goals in the past two years by discovering and supporting artistic talents in the singing field. The competition targets amateurs who are talented Qataris and residents of various singing categories. Through this event, the Music Affairs Center is keen to sponsor, sponsor and provide technical support for talent and enrich the music movement in Qatar.