Barzan Youth Center has celebrated the conclusion of the 2019 season at Barzan towers in Umm Salal, in the presence of the BYC’s director, employees and workers. A distinguished ceremony was held to reflect efforts made by the BYC at last season. During the ceremony, the supporters and sponsors of the BYC’s activities at the last season were honored. Moreover, the BYC is preparing for the current season 2020 by developing an appropriate plan to diversify the activities and events that it holds throughout the year, including major festivals that is being held in the first, second, and third quarters of each year, the last of which was the Barzan Heritage Festival, in which the BYC concluded its various activities and events.

Officials of the Barzan Youth Center are keen to hold cultural events as well as age-appropriate events, which aim at attracting Qatari youth to participate and engage in these various and enriching activities.

During his statements to El-Sharq, Nasser Muhammad Al-Kaabi, Director of the BCY, said,” Firstly, We at the Barzan Youth Center extend our thanks to all those who support and sponsor the annual festivals and activities of the BCY. These parties contribute to the success of the BCY’s mass festivals that attract visitors throughout its duration.”

“This ceremony is intended to conclude the 2019 season and to announce the start of the current season of 2020. We are keen, during this season, to diversify events and establish activities that commensurate with the orientation and vision of the MCS,” Al-Kaabi added.

Al-Kaabi noted that the Center was distinguished, during the past season, by its activities and programs that it held and participated in with several parties. An attempt to cover all the relevant fields in the Center, to contribute to attracting the largest number of youth to join the Barzan Youth Center, as well as coming up with new ideas has been fully achieved at the last season.

The director of the Barzan Youth Center has revealed the current year plan for the Center including establishment of many different activities, pointing out that the Center has developed an annual plan, which includes the type of activities and addition of other activities that serve the Center’s members and orientations.

‘The Center,” Al-Kaabi added, “Seeks to set its plan throughout the season to include new activities that meet the desires of young people and the aspirations of the MCS. It is keen to add more ideas and changes to some activities to serve the orientation of the Center and youth by taking the opinion and suggestions of young people into account as well as transforming them into reality if they match the orientation and vision.”

“The Barzan Youth Center,” he further pointed out, “Had succeeded in providing a distinguished summer program and activity during the past year. The number of registered persons reached hundreds.”.

“Through diversifying its activities and events during the season,” stressed Al-Kaabi, “The Center seeks to achieve the goals of the MCS. Establishing youth activities of public benefit for this category is deemed as one of its priorities. The MCS contributes to refining and developing talents by running workshops or engaging in educational activities that the Center holds throughout the year.”

The Barzan Youth Center has concluded its activities upon the conclusion of the Fourth Barzan Heritage Festival, which was held last December. This festival is considered as one of the most prominent activities held by the Center as it consists of a number of major competitions. New ideas are added to the festival every year. This contributes to developing the festival. Last year, the festival was divided into two sections: the first for “Halal” (particular type of Gulf goat and sheep), which included Qataris’ halal and Arab halal with all of its types. There were competitions allocated to the event “halal mazayin”. This event was held in the gym and run by Qatari youth. The second section which was related to heritage featured the theater, popular games, house of poetry, booths, productive families, and others. This event was run separately from the event of Halal Qatar.