In order to limit the outbreak of Coronavirus and to respond to home quarantine, Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab” continues to present a number of poems via its digital platforms. These poems include a range of creative educational messages, with the aim of raising awareness and contributing to spending time at home.
Some important values that society must uphold during this period were embedded in the messages delivered by “Diwan Al-Arab” to its audience through poetry . Poets advise their audience of the necessity of social responsibility and adherence to the various preventive and precautionary measures to reduce the outbreak of the epidemic.
Among poets whose beautiful words added a lovely vibe to “Diwan Al-Arab” pages on social media are: Abdel Hamid Al-Youssef, Hamad bin Saleh, Fahd bin Hamad Asloum, Ali Al-Kuwari, Miteb Al-Saaq, Bader Al-Otaibi, Abdullah Nasser Al-Nuaimi, Mubarak Bin Hamad Al-Qamra, Radhi Al-Hajri, Jaber Al-Dahabeeb, May Al-Hababi, Salem bin Luqman , Mutaib Ali Al-Marri, Saeed Al-Dahabeeb, Nasser Al-Wabeer, Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al-Hajri, Muhammad Yaqoub Al-Yousef and Adel Abdullah.
Some works are accompanied with videos to express the educational content presented, while other works took the form of a written message decorating “Diwan Al-Arab” social media pages. This is in addition to a series of posts published by Qatar Poetry Center. Through these posts, the Center stressed that it is necessary to preserve public health and the safety of others. Those series addressed individuals of the society by saying, “Your relative’s health is your health … your friend’s health is your health … you and I live in one society and shall preserve the safety of others.”