The Qatari Forum for Authors continues its successful activities and events held throughout the week, targeting young people, intellectuals, and those fascinated by the realm of culture and literature in Qatar, the Arab world, and even the entire world. The Forum continuously presents many important sessions, seminars and events, with a view to enhancing its role in developing cognitive capacities and promoting knowledge for all. Thanks to its distinguished management, the Forum is keen to keep abreast of all cultural events and activities in the Arab world and the world at large.

The Forum’s agenda for this week includes a set of special programs and activities, starting on Sunday with the “Between the Shelves” initiative, which will showcase a set of international books and writers in Chinese literature in particular. This session will be moderated by writer Hassan Al-Anwari and writer Reem Daibes. On Monday, the Forum will present the “Dialogue with” program, hosting a group of stakeholders and figures concerned with culture. The session is titled “Media and Environmental Awareness”. On Tuesday another session of “ A Writer and a Book” will be presented, featuring “Journey in the Realm of Diamonds”, the first academic book on diamonds published in Arabic. This session will host the author of the book, writer Enas Mohamed Fayez Jamous, who will be interviewed by writer Saleh Gharib. On Wednesday, the Forum will present to its audience and followers a lecture entitled “Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language”, delivered by Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Hisham Al-Hassani.

These events are part of the Forum’s effective strategy in enlightening minds and enhancing knowledge among adults and children through a wide range of programs and plans rich in knowledge, culture as well as Arab and Western literature. It was presented last weekend in a new session of “Maria Introducing a Writer from Qatar”, presented by social media activist Maria Fernanda del Rio. The Qatari Forum for Authors exposed the achievements of Qatari writer Kamam Al-Maadeed and the key milestones in her writing career. Maria said that Kamam published her first book, “The Lost Rose”, in 2016. It tells the story of “a lost girl suffering from guilt and depression and trying to find light in life.” Al-Maadid’s adventures in the real world include working on a comic book in collaboration with local illustrator Maha Al Ali, in addition to exploring the universe she created in her 2019 novel “Magic Calling”, along with a sequel to “Magic Wielding”. The story focuses on “acceptance of one’s inner strength and belief in oneself,” a recurring theme in Al-Maadeed’s guidance to herself, readers, and fellow writers.

The Qatari Forum for Authors also celebrated the World Education Day by holding a session hosting the writer, businesswoman and consultant Mervat Ibrahim. The moderator opened the session by introducing the guest, explaining that she is a writer, social activist, sustainable development consultant, businesswoman, and a member of the Qatar Authors’ Forum. She also holds a master’s degree in radio and television and postgraduate studies in management. She serves as a consultant in sustainability applications, in addition to the completion of several courses on media from the Al Jazeera Institute, enterprise development, diplomatic media skills and Arabic grammar. For her part, Mervat Ibrahim thanked the Qatari Forum for Authors for its interest in education and scientific research in particular, and for providing her with the opportunity to talk about the importance of working to build strong societies. She explained that the idea of her books, in which she talked about education, is driven by her awareness of the paramount importance of information technology and Qatar’s future role in distance education. She noted that attention to education serves the idea of ​​sustainable development and its related goals, which is in line with Qatar Vision 2030. She also emphasized that education is the key component in this regard. In this context, she thanked every teacher who contributes to achieving such vision and enhancing its concepts. She revealed that the journalist also plays an important role in this awareness process, which is basically a social responsibility entrusted to all members of society.

Concerning the design of the cover of her new book, which highlights the importance of education, she said: “I thought during the design of the cover about representing education as the sun emitting rays standing for the seventeen goals of sustainable development, which were approved by the United Nations. Without education, we cannot achieve the first goal of sustainable development goals, namely the eradication of poverty, as well as the goal related to good health. Without education and awareness under the current crisis of the pandemic, we would not have been able to address such crisis in the State of Qatar”. She pointed out that the high indicators of education in any country constitute the guarantee to make it free from crime and violence, as it will have the ability to properly guide young people and all members of society. Only in this way can a nation address its affairs bearing in mind social responsibility.