The Qatari Authors’ Forum held a writer and book session during which Hilana Aref was invited to discuss her novel “Memory Betrayal.” This was part of the Al-Baraha activities organized by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, as well as, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, which included many cultural and artistic activities. The writer said that this novel is her first work, which she worked on for a long time. She published it after years of writing, revision, and revision, and confirmed that she was encouraged by her professors at Qatar University, Dr. Seitta Al-Athba, as well as the support of family and friends. She expressed her pride at the beginning, and for this novel to be followed by a variety of other works in literature and art in general, since creativity is an endless path. She said, Helana spoke about the details of “memory betrayal” and gave a brief introduction of the novel. Among her pages is the story of Aseel, who has lived through several conflicts since her childhood, most notably her struggle with her memory. She said that in this novel she sheds light on the psychological aspect of the characters. Other characters experience a variety of internal and external struggles, and the four chapters of the novel show how the characters deal with these struggles.