The Qatari forum of Authors launched a package f new releases in the Hall of Wisdom in the Ministry of culture and sports, and, by that, exceeding the number of published releases by 160 new diversified release including various aspects of culture and knowledge.


Among the books recently launched at the forum is the book “Social Responsibility and its Role in Developing and Stabilizing Societies” by Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, autism consultant and director of the Doha International Center for People with Disabilities. The book is issued by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Publishing House.


During the launch session conducted by Professor Maryam Yassin Al-Hamadi, Director-General of the Qatar Authors’ Forum, author Dr. Hla Al-Said thanked the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Qatari Authors’ Forum for giving country authors the opportunity to publicize their innovations through the Forum’s events.


At first, she spoke about the secret of interest and motivation to complete this book and the writer’s change of direction from specialized books concerned with special education and people with disabilities to books directed towards social work and charitable and volunteer work, which is her joining the regional network for social responsibility since 2016 and then obtaining the title of ambassador, advisor and expert for people with disabilities. Disability in the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, and then obtaining the International License for Social Responsibility. Hence, the interest and in-depth reading about social responsibility and self-development around it and an attempt to link this to its specialization in working with people with disabilities.


She added that she designed a special curriculum for people with disabilities entitled (Social Responsibility) within the center’s curricula, in addition to many initiatives in the field of social responsibility, where she was chosen among the 100 most influential Arab personalities in the field of social responsibility for the years 2019-2020, respectively, and she also obtained a certificate Appreciation of a country for participating in the International Response Award for the most effective efforts in combating the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus 19 for the year 2020.


She pointed out that, with increasing interest in the subject matter, the idea of a book, the development of a research plan, the details and then the title to select Hamad University Publishing House “was a new experience for me to be a country publishing house and I am pleased with that experience.”


The author, Dr. Hala Al-Saed, summarized the book, which falls into 391 pages and is divided into 12 chapters: Social responsibility is a moral theory that we all have individuals and institutions committed to and working in the interest of society as a whole to maintain a balance between the economy and ecosystems.


She continued: Social responsibility is not born today. “All of you are caretakers, and all of you are responsible for their patronage,” asserting that in our Muslim society they are part of our culture, but our faith, because they derive from cooperation, solidarity and compassion among people, which are Islamic values upon which religion is based in the Book and Sunnis.


She said that responsibility begins with awareness, raising the social and patriotic sense, and then applying it to building and serving the community in several respects. When we raise our children properly together and raise them on community responsibility from a young age, we are an asset for tomorrow, an asset for society and the homeland, as society cannot be separated from the homeland.


She added “The book dealt with social responsibility, in order to raise awareness among all members of society. It spoke about what it was, what its objectives were, how it was applied, how it could be applied and what obstacles could be encountered in its implementation. Thus, the role of the State of Qatar in promoting community responsibility at the local and international levels, and the role of Qatari women and their community responsibility, while highlighting the ethics of work, was reflected in a special section to highlight groups with disabilities.


The book also highlighted the role of women and their social responsibility in raising their children on the social responsibility, it also highlighted the role of Qatari women and their carrying of the social responsibility especially in times of crisis, and the interest of Qatari leaders in supporting women in Qatar and motivating them to advance their social burdens and participate in public life.


The book also highlighted initiatives by Qatari ladies of local and international social responsibility, the regional network of social responsibility and Arab initiatives that serve social responsibility in the Arab world. The book concludes with articles in the “Arab Book on Community Responsibility.”