The Qatari Authors’ Forum hosted the Qatari writer and journalist Fawzia Ali to present and discuss her book “In Bold” in a “A writer and A book” episode on the Microsoft Times program.
The episode was moderated by Salih Gharib, who interviewed the author about her journalistic experience in various sections from localities to economics to sports, her writing of opinion and documenting her articles in her book Latitude, issued by Dar Rosa Publishing House in 276 pages. The book represents a testament to the era of development and renaissance in Qatar.
Fawzia Ali started by noting that she dedicated her book to Qatar, the destination of all those unfairly treated. In the book, she documented her vision on the path of development and the Qatari renaissance, including her articles: Speech of glory, steadfastness and victory, and a talk of honesty, clarity and consistency about the speeches of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country in the United Nations and before the Qatari Shura Council. This is in addition to the role of institutions and internal security forces – Lekhwiya in preserving security and its tremendous and creative role in serving society and citizens during the Corona pandemic and the creativity of Qatari women in Lekhwiya force.
She referred to the pioneering role of the Ministry of the Interior and Lekhwia force  in combating piracy of the Qatar News Agency and the consequent blockade of Qatar, highlighting its efforts to combat piracy and expose its dimensions.
Her articles also value the role of volunteers from both sexes in educating society during the Corona crisis.
The writer touched on the role of Qatar in the Arab reunification through its efforts at the 2009 Arab summit, which witnessed Arab-Arab tensions, and Qatar’s reconciling efforts in achieving comprehensive reunification between the Lebanese and Saudi Arabia – Libya, and the promotion of joint Arab solidarity.
Fawzia Ali moved to the title: From Indian Delhi to Bahrain, Manama, a wonderful success story, through which she talks about Doha hosting the 2006 Asian Games, and the longest and most spectacular flight of the torch led by His Excellency Sheikh Jowaan bin Hamad, the honorary ambassador of the episode. The journey covered 50,000 km in 55 days. That episode was hosted by Qatar in December 2006, and Doha was the second city in West Asia, and the first Arab city to host it. Fawzia Ali said, “I was a media specialist in the Asian tour, among journalists from 45 countries, who expressed their admiration and recognition for the organization’s goodness and excellence, and for the creative participation of Qatari women in all its activities.” She further noted that this occurred thanks to the support of officials and the state related to Qatari women and their role in society, which made women in Qatari sports distinguished, heralding a broad future for Qatari sports.
Journalist Fawzia Ali concluded the evening with a reference to articles discussing various issues and topics in the march of society and the state and the march of renaissance and development. This  includes the UNESCO elections, a medal of honor for Qatar, Qatar’s achievements, Destination of those unfairly treated, the press of the blockade countries that attack the Qatari media, and the moral superiority of Qatar in managing the Gulf crisis, and threads of the plot.