The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a new virtual workshop entitled (Children’s Literature Topics between Reality and Hope) presented by Dr. Al-Eid Jalouli. The forum’s cultural activities aim to discover talents in creative writing and raise the cultural and literary level of writers.

Jalouli discussed the most important topics covered in children’s literature, starting with the generation of pioneers such as Ahmed Shawqi, Muhammad Othman Jalal, Ibrahim Al-Arab, Muhammad Al-Arawi, and Kamel Kilani, and touched on the topics written by the current generation, most of which revolve around ancient topics. He pointed out the weaknesses and shortcomings in children’s literature. He shed light on topics that are absent from consideration and treatment, which have formed a large void in the field of writing for children, such as applied sciences and artificial intelligence, The topics include children’s rights, the environment, science fiction, and simplifying science. He touched on the challenges of technology and the dangers of the met averse world. Referring to the role of the Childhood Chair at the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in dealing with everything related to the world of children, he focused on the role of children’s literature in promoting human beings and preserving their existence in this planet that is witnessing great transformations and many dangers.