The Children’s Literature Center participates as part of the expanded cultural program in which the State of Qatar participates in the Amman Book Fair, where it will be the guest of honor for its twenty-second session, which is scheduled to begin next Thursday. An official delegation from the country is expected to participate, made up of several writers, intellectuals and editors, who will present a cultural program that reflects the civilized face of the country, its cultural message and the development of its publishing industry.

As part of the Qatari participation, the Children’s Literature Center will present numerous events and activities, the most important of which is (The Writers’ Journey), which aims, through its organization, to present an honorable image of Qatar and Qatari youth.

Ms. Asma Al-Kuwari, Director of the Center for Children’s Literature and Nabja Publishing House, said: This trip will include a group of young Qatari writers, who will present a model for young Qatari creators of (Writing, Authorship and Design), an initiative that reflects that the trip will present an honorable image of Qatar and Qatari youth, especially since Qatar will be the guest of honor in the next edition of the exhibition.

She added that the “Writers’ Journey” of the Amman Book Fair aims to achieve scientific and literary excellence for talented and scientific and literary students, in addition to getting to know Jordanian culture, as well as introducing Qatari culture. He added that this trip will be organized professionally, based on the accumulated successes and experiences of the Children’s Literature Center, similar to his previous trip to the Muscat International Book Fair (which was a trip full of activities and events, reflecting scientific achievements and cultural).

He confirmed that during this participation a show will be presented (I am Qatari), in addition to presenting Qatari stories on stage, photographing Jordanian children in Qatari costumes, in addition to organizing artistic workshops on Qatari shawl and Jordanian shemagh, in addition to organizing the Qatari championship and a practical workshop for the preparation of Qatari coffee, in addition to presenting many stories to the public at the Nabja publishing house, where the guest of honor is based in the Qatari pavilion of the exhibition. Ms. Asma Al-Kuwari said: Participants in this trip will visit many monuments, museums and media monuments, as well as exhibitions in Jordan.