The Qatari Forum for Authors presented a new training workshop within the training program “Race Your Dream with Hamad,” organized under the theme “The Art of Telling the Story and the Importance of Dialogue between Characters”. It was moderated by Ms. Rachida Mezkani – a certified trainer and a specialist in the field of human resources. The workshop witnessed a distinguished presence of a number of young participants and interested trainees and followers of the forum’s activities and events, namely: Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al Rumaihi, Amal Mahdal, Hajar Musa, Umniah Fadlallah, Dalal Al Fohida, Jawaher Al-Maraghi


The instructor commented on the stories told by the participants, she said: I would have wanted to leave you with the space to tell the stories yourselves at the beginning so that I could have the chance to know the most important constraints you faced during this experiment, so I asked them a question: What difficulties did you have while telling these short stories? Some said that the time that was limited to 60 seconds was the biggest obstacle during telling the story, while some said that the tools and punctuation marks should have been paid more attention and focused on


The workshop addressed several areas: the concept of recitation, before the recitation, during the recitation, and after the recitation. Coach Rachida Mezkani said that recitation depends on several important elements: influence, change, persuasion and enjoyment.

And about the importance of the art of recitation, Mezkani said: Increased self-confidence, enhanced social relations, increased awareness and supported dialogue. She also explained that recitation helps achieve professional goals, which enhances self-confidence. A person with the skills of recitation can present ideas quietly, and find himself a great social window to communicate with others in a quiet and simple way.


As for the objectives of the art of recitation, she said that the objectives of recitation are represented in several points which are: clarification, interpretation, promotion, and correcting false information. Pointing out that recitation helps the writer in promoting his work and convinces the reader and the audience to get his own version and to be able to talk about his literary version in an attractive way.


Mezkani said that recitation benefits the author as follows: it enhances his self-confidence, promotes the author’s social relations, promotes his relationship with followers and readers, and also supports him in his dialogue with others. Recitation is the skill of the great.