The Al-Wakrah Youth Centre continues to offer special programs to young people and members of society; As part of its celebration of World Youth Day 2021, where it organized many useful and meaningful activities for all, including lectures on volunteering and on the hobby of falconry and heritage sports that greet ancestral heritage and connect the past with the present, as well as a lecture on first aid and rescue, through the Zoom program and under the supervision of the Department of Youth Activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The lecture “The Hobby of Falconry”, which was presented by Professor Saeed Al-Nuaimi, in cooperation with the Qatari Society of AlGannas, was followed up by this popular hobby for young people and adults; In order to introduce the hobby of falconry, this ancient hobby is considered one of the ancestral heritages that remains to date; It is passed down from generation to generation. It is also one of the hobbies that the people of Qatar are very fond of and they are proud of it. He also provided the participants with everything related to the sport and hobby of falcons, including tools, supplies, types of falcons and their age stages.


The center also organized a lecture entitled “How does volunteering add to the lives of young people?” presented by Doctor/ Mohamed Al- Enzi. which dealt with the culture of volunteering; the importance of voluntary work in filling the spiritual void of the youth category; And the impact of humanitarian work on development, meaning and great benefit from increasing experience and cooperation in organizing humanitarian works beneficial to the community, in cooperation with the Qatar Center for Voluntary Work.


As part of the celebration of the Youth Day, Al-Wakra Youth Center organized a lecture entitled “Youth…and Saving Lives” presented by Dr. Ahmed Adelby; And coach Mohammed Saad Barakat, in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent, where the two lecturers discussed the basics of life saving and first aid, the principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the principles of first aid in cases of suffocation, wounds, bleeding, burns, fractures, heat stress, heat stroke, heat stroke, shock, epilepsy, drowning, poisoning and snake and scorpion bites; and other practical applications of how to deal with injuries and disasters, and assess and manage accidents; And other things related to the same subject.


And other specific targeted activities over the summer months to inform young people of their important and pivotal community role in the development and evolution of their home countries and to participate in its advancement through various and diverse programs so that the participant looks forward to contributing fully to various youth activities.