The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture held a new concert in Darb Al Saai, as part of the activities of the National Day 2022.

The concert was titled “Nagham Darb Al Saai”, and the guest of the ceremony was the artist Anwar, who presented the masterpieces of patriotic songs, in addition to the participation of the artist Hashim Al-Yafei and the artist Yusra Mohammad, who won first place in the “Nagham” competition in its two versions.

The national atmosphere dominated the ceremony, as the artists sang a group of patriotic songs, which the pioneers of Darb Al Saai interacted with, as the artist Anwar sang the song “Gharbi Hawakum”, recalling the memories of the late artist Fatima Shaddad, and the lyrical work from the words of the poet Khalifa Jamaan.

Artists Hashem Al-Yafei and Yusra Mohammad sang many patriotic songs, in a patriotic atmosphere that pervaded the concert, with sweet music, melodious melody, and uplifting words.

For their part, the artists expressed their happiness to participate in this ceremony, especially as it comes within the framework of a distinguished national occasion, which are the activities of the National Day of the State.

The artist, Anwar, said that her participation in the National Day comes out of a patriotic duty, and that for the artist, he must present, on this good occasion, the most beautiful singing works, which carry the best melody, words and singing.

She added that during the concert, she presented the songs “Live Ya Qatar” by the late musician Abdul Aziz Nasser, in addition to the song “Gharbi Hawakm” by the late artist Fatima Shaddad, as well as singing “Allah Witness” from the words of Suad Al-Kuwari, sung and composed by Anwar.

The artist, Anwar, expressed her happiness with her participation in this ceremony, and to be the guest of honor for this special evening, in addition to her support for the artists Hashim Al-Yafei and Yusra Mohammad.

For his part, the artist Hashem Al-Yafei said: The National Day is one of the days that we are proud of, and it is an important day for all citizens and residents, as it is a day in which we recall the memories of the past, and draw inspiration from it for the future.

The Artist Hashem Al-Yafei, the winner of the first place in the “Nagham” competition in its first edition, added by saying that the National Day recalls the past of the ancients, whose word united under one banner, and, therefore the National Day is a continuous series of giving since ancient times, as it is a day in which we renew Loyalty and obedience to the wise leadership, as well as support for national belonging, by emphasizing the preservation of this benevolent homeland.

About the musical works that he presented during the ceremony, the artist, Hashim Al-Yafei, said that: He sang three songs; the first song was titled “Hang Up with the Clouds and Thunders,” which is an old Qatari song, while the second song was titled “For You Balofa,” by Mansour Al-Mohannadi, while the third song was titled “Yazha.” Al-Watan”, by the artist Nasser Al-Kubaisi, and composed by Hashem Al-Yafei, and he also presented a joint “duet” with the artist, Yusra Mohammad.

As for the artist, Yusra Mohamed, she said that: She participated in a group of patriotic songs, which are “My eyes Qatar, God oh my life Qatar, I ask you, O Qatar, about you”, along with two lyrical duets with my colleague Hashim Al-Yafei, who won first place in the first edition of “Nagham”.

Yusra, who won first place in the second edition of the “Nagham” competition, she added by saying that her participation in this concert came in the wake of her participation in a symposium honoring the late musician Abdul Aziz Nasser, during which she sang many patriotic songs. She described the National Day as a great national event that requires everyone to be present, especially artists.