The “Ink Pen” creative writing platform announced the completion of its artistic collaboration with the Music Affairs Centre within the framework of the cooperation agreement that had been concluded between them to support Qatari’s creative writing talent. The initiative revealed the completion of the production of the artwork “my Alphabet Letters” lyrics by Eman Hamad, the tunes of the artist Issa al-Riami, the singing of the artist Saud and the work was directed by director Hussein Al-Sayegh.


The Centre for Music Affairs has contributed its partnership by providing all necessary equipment, players, recording studio and sound engineering to produce “My Alphabet Letters” song, while the initiative is based on the principle of approaching and reaching segments of society in appropriate and friendly ways with a view to enriching the cultural landscape and increasing literary integration through the promotion of the concept of creative writing. In an effort to highlight talent and refine skills to increase promising intellectual and artistic production, in line with Qatar’s vision 2030 towards building a knowledge-based society.


Commenting on the efforts of Ink Pen on this side, Buthaina Al Janahi, CEO of the platform,, says: The “ink pen” of creative writing is characterized by the organization of creative writing platforms that allow for interaction in creative writing, accompanying panel discussions, workshops, entertainment, education and other special events.

She emphasizes that “ink pen” for creative writing believes in local youth energies and their potential by highlighting their cultural and artistic talents in contemporary interactive platforms. The “ink pen” of creative writing also seeks to support and empower promising cultural and artistic cadres with different talents in creative writing platforms and the development of society in cultural and artistic aspects in general, and to work with State institutions to ensure continuity for promising talent.