The visitor to the “Art Liwan” event, which is held as part of the National Day celebrations in Darb Al-Saai, lives a unique experience in the world of arts and skilled hands that embody creativity in its best form. In addition, the event presents many entertainment and educational activities for visitors of all ages, starting with participation in the cartoon drawing workshop, ceramic arts and ending with souvenirs presented by the artists of the Arabic calligraphy, which is embodied in plates engraved with the name of the visitor and gifted to him.

Mrs. Hoda Al-Yafei, the head of the event, explained that Art Liwan includes 3 main sections, and each section deals with different aspects of visual arts, such as the workshops section that deals with cartoons, Arabic calligraphy and ceramics. Meanwhile, the second section shows a series of arts like plastic art, photography, ceramic and others. Mrs. Al-Yafei noted that a special section was dedicated to honoring the late artist Jassim Zaini by displaying his works and a brief overview of his artistic career. The third section deals with stamps and local coins, and includes the first coins adopted by the State of Qatar as a local coin in the sixties of the last century.

Regarding the activities available to visitors, Mrs. Al-Yafei said that Liwan Art organizes 8 main workshops, and each workshop includes a group of sub-workshops targeting all ages, such as the cartoon drawing workshop, the Arabic calligraphy workshop, and the ceramics art. These works side address different artistic aspects and dive into their details to provide an overview to this wide world by involving it in some works. She added that artists conduct workshops in which the audience participates, explaining the history of each aspect of these arts, how it began and developed over time, in addition to gifting visitors their names in Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration.

In conclusion of her speech, the head of the Art Liwan event indicated the great turnout for the workshops and the art gallery, and she also indicated the great demand for registration to participate in the main workshops presented by elite Qatari artists throughout the days of the National Day celebrations in Darb Al-Saai.