“Al-Dana Center for Girls” presented yesterday evening a workshop entitled “Make Your own Bookmarker” by the trainer and plastic artist Jamila Al-Ansari. The workshop aimed to teach the trainees how to make bookmarkers in a distinctive artistic manner. The center also launched a group of sports workshops in “Zumba, volleyball and gymnastics” with the participation of a number of girls affiliated to the center presented by the trainer Khuloud Rashwan, the supervisor of sports activities. The courses offered by the center during the whole month aimed at the importance of exercising among girls and achieving the goals of healthy sport and to ensure a diseases-free healthy body. The courses have targeted many girls who are enrolled in the center, aged 12 years and over.
In this context, Kholoud Rashwan, supervisor of sports activities, explained that the activities offered by the center aim to enhance girls’ self-confidence and preserve their agility. Rashwan said: The girls were trained in volleyball. Many Qatari girls and students of scientific excellence participated in the activities. They were trained on the basic skills of volleyball, which is played between two teams, striking the ball by the hands of the players and over a net that is put on in the middle of the match stadium. She emphasized that volleyball is a type of sport that works to strengthen muscles, raise the level of energy, and enhance skills related to team work within a single team.