Ibrahim Khalil Al-Jaidah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jasra Social Cultural Club, announced that the new program launched by the club, entitled “Art and march”, aims to celebrate the symbols of creativity and Qatari and Arab art, in the field of music, singing and rap, and to conduct a cultural and knowledge dialogue about their experiences and artistic expertise, and to shed light on The impact of these experiences on the Arab taste, and their role in expressing the secrets of the Arab soul and Arab conscience through music and singing.

He said in a private statement to Al Sharq: the program comes within the framework of Al Jasra club’s ongoing quest to provide comprehensive platforms for all types of cognitive, artistic and cultural production, as well as creative dialogue between different creative races. He pointed out that the launch of the program “art and March”, its activities celebrate the experience of the late artist Sabah Fakhri, by restoring his singing experience by young musicians and singers, and conducting a dialogue among them about the vocabulary, secrets and milestones of his great experience.

He continued, “The program will continue to present the experiences of many musicians and singers of all generations, and from different schools of music and singing.” He expressed his hope that this program would contribute to consolidating the legacy of Arab music and singing, and would open a window for studying and criticizing its artistic and aesthetic elements.

The second “Art and March” evening, entitled “The Icon of Love and Homeland,” is scheduled to take place this evening, addressing the artistic contributions of the late musician Abdel-Azad Nasser, with the participation of academic and novelist Dr. Ahmed Abdulmalik and the media Ibrahim Al Mutawaa, The artist Saad Mubarak Al Kuwari, and it shall be prepared and presented by Fathi baywad.

Regarding the new projects of Al Jasra club, Mr. Ibrahim Al Jaida confirmed the completion of arrangements and efforts to publish the first edition of the new project “Al Jasra book”, which represents a qualitative addition to the club’s production in the field of knowledge, thought and literature. He described this project as open windows and doors to Arab and international cultural production through translation of the creativity of contemporary writers belonging to various fields of literature, thought, philosophy and beauty. Al-Jaida pointed to the new qualitative leap taking place in Al-Jasra cultural magazine in terms of content and format. The club’s pioneers and readers in Qatar and the Arab world promised to read Al-Jasra book and Al-Jasra cultural magazine soon.