The Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sport presents the fourth and final session of the Arabic calligraphy workshop today. During the session, visual artist, Hassan Shalar, will give an online lecture on the Center’s YouTube channel. As he will provide a definition of the rules of connecting letters and continue talking about writing single words. He will also provide exercises on the performance of many fonts, focusing on their fluidity and giving them the aesthetic impression required, to conclude his workshop that continued over the past weeks. Followers Visual Arts Center were also on for the relaunching of the ceramic art workshop by the artist/ Wasfi Al-Hadidi, the supervisor of the ceramics department of the center, who also concluded his workshop by presenting four episodes in which he dealt with all that it takes for beginners to engage in this art. That in addition to the drawing workshop by the artist/ Muammar Tazi and gravure printing workshop.