As many contestants have announced their desire to participate in a new round, the Doha Marine Sports Club, presided by Mr. Khalifa Mohammed Al-Suwaidi, decides to start third round competitions of the Qatar Aqua Bike Championship (Junior) the day after tomorrow, Saturday, at Katara Beach.
The Club has finished all preparations made for the organization of this round. It also announced the round’s schedule yesterday, Wednesday. As for the names of all participants, they will be announced today, Thursday, after registration is closed.

On a different note, the Club’s General Assembly meeting was held the day before yesterday, in which the minutes of the previous General Assembly meeting held on the 26th of March 2019, was approved. The President’s report on the Club’s last year operations and the action plan program for the new year were also discussed. Additionally, the final account for the ended fiscal year and the next draft budget were approved. The Assembly also discussed the auditor’s report as well as the appointment of an auditor for one year.