The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced the names of the winners of the “Ramadan Atmosphere” drawing competition, which targets the participation of public-school students from the first grade to the twelfth grade.


The competition comes within the framework of the activities of the celebration of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021 under the slogan “Our Culture is Light”, which is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, in cooperation with a number of strategic partners from state agencies and institutions, and within the participation of the Ministry of Education and higher education with its various activities and programs that fall within the event throughout the year.


The student Abeer Ahmed Bakhsh, of Al-Wakra secondary school for girls, won the first place, while student Rawda Motee Allah Moaraf, Of Al Wakra Preparatory School for girls won the second place.  In the Third place came the student Mohamed Ali Mohamed Al -Hail at the Smysma Girls’ Primary School.


Participation certificates were also distributed to the winners of the first three places, and certificates of appreciation to the outstanding participants in the “Ramadan Atmosphere” drawing competition, and they are: Student Hasina Fadlallah Al-Jasser at Juwayriyah Bent Al-Harith Primary School for Girls, Al-Reem Muhammad Al-Marikhi at Al-Bayan Primary School for Girls, Amr Abdel Salam Oweini at Hamza Bin Abdul-Muttalib Preparatory School, student Muhammad Abdullah Ruban at Muhammad Bin Jassim Bin Muhammad Preparatory School, and student Reem Saad at Rawda Bent Jassim Secondary School for Girls, Afifa Muslimman at Aisha Bent Abi Bakr Secondary School, and Aida Alaa at the Audio Education Complex for Girls.


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education had launched the “Ramadan Atmosphere” drawing competition during the period from the beginning of last Ramadan until the end of the holy month.


The conditions of the competition included that the contestants should be from grade one to grade twelve from public schools, the drawing shall be on A3 cardboard and in the appropriate colors except for oil colors, that the drawings include a Ramadan atmosphere, and that the drawings include the data of the participating students (name, class, school), and be stamped with the school seal.


The deadline for delivering the participants` works was on Thursday, 05/27/2021, where they were delivered at the Ministry’s main building- Lusail District – Building No. (1), Department of Public Relations and Communication.


It is noted that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has launched a series of events and training workshops in the past period in the Doha, Capital of Culture of the Islamic World 2021.


In addition to the “Ramadan Atmosphere” drawing competition, a virtual seminar was prepared and conducted to discuss a rare country manuscript entitled: “The Houses of the Moon in the Treasures of Qatar’s Heritage” for ministry employees and school administrators through Microsoft Teams application, and a virtual seminar entitled “Picnic in the Aesthetics of the Arabic Line” was prepared.