Three preachers are competing in a new round of “Marqat Qatar”

The “Marqat Qatar for Speech” continued its sessions within the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, as the 22nd session witnessed a strong competition between “3” preachers, within the competitions for preparing the improvised preacher, critic, memorizer and reader, which are levels that are witnessing remarkable progress week after week.


At the beginning of the session – which was broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the Qatari forum for Authors – Sheikh Shaker Al-Shahwani gave a number of advices to the preachers and competitors, as he said: “When you go to the sermon or want to talk, do not lose sight of people’s feelings, and what It touches their reality and needs, as some people want to listen to contemporary and current issues and events.”


With regard to humorous speeches, Dr. Ahmed Janabbi emphasized that the Marqat is very keen in choosing the names and idioms from the Arab and Islamic heritage, which preachers excelled in in every era and time.


In turn, Dr. Ahmed said: The most beloved of deeds to God is to bring pleasure to the heart of a Muslim, and there are many things to that, but we will bring pleasure into the hearts by speaking, and in terms of humorous or smiling speeches, it is like any sermon with an introduction, a topic and a conclusion.


Dr. Rania Mostafa gave a modern, humorous sermon entitled “punctuality” with the aim of benefiting the preachers.

The episode witnessed a great and strong competition between three preachers, The competition was to support speeches with props and proofs. The preacher comes up with verses, talks, poetry, stories, judgment, proverbs, etc., with the requirement that the preacher choose a contemporary world day, and deals with it in a literary rather than a political way.


At the beginning of the competitive round, the preacher Maryam Al-Subaie gave her fourth written sermon, and the sermon was about the International Day of Volunteering.


While the preacher Abdul-Jabbar Fares gave a first-level heritage revival sermon to one of the nobles, Judge Abu Al-Fadl Ayyad. And as for the third preacher, his tour was related to critical speeches, as the preacher Ahmed criticized the sermon of preacher Abdul-Jabbar Fares.


In the special section of the arbitrators, the first sermon of Maryam Al- Subaie was judged by Dr. Kamal Moqabala, the professor at the community college While Ms. Rasha Al-Salah, a member of the Jury of Al-Marqat, judged the sermon of Al-Khatib Abdul-Jabbar Fares. And Mr. Abdullah Al-Khalaf, the permanent member of the Arbitration Committee, judged the sermon of the preacher Ahmed Azab, during which he criticized the time and place in the sermon of the preacher Abdul-Jabbar Faris.


At the end of the episode, and with a section of linguistic missteps, the language partner of Marqat Qatar for Speech Center, Professor Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, picked up some linguistic errors that the speakers made while delivering their speeches during that tour.