The Qatar Poetry Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the victory of “Min Gyeong JUNG” from Korea, during the seventh edition of the “Nazra” competition, which was organized by the center this month in the Korean language, in cooperation with the Embassy of Korea in Doha.


In its final edition, the competition was entitled “Love and cohesion of the Family,” and included the following:

I drank water today too

From a small well in the desert from a handful of sand

You shed tears and gave me even in your thirstiest thirst

You filled me with life without fear of your lack

The day you brought me into the world with blessing

I left alone for tomorrow’s house

And when my soul returned from the long and exhausting journey

You didn’t even leave a single step; you shed a tear and gave it to me after waiting


The competition stipulated that the topic be written in poetry in four verses below the topic through the “Instagram” account, and the competition began at the beginning of this month, and continued until the middle of the same month.


And it went to Koreans residing in Qatar, or in Korea only, and the winner will be honored during the World Poetry Day, which is scheduled for March 21 of each year, during which all the winners of this competition will be honored through its various sessions, and who are diverse between different world nationalities.


Where the competition raises the slogan (monthly, local, Arab, international). It comes within the framework of the efforts of the Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab” to enrich the poetic scene in the country, and work to sponsor it within its digital platforms, in addition to opening up to the poetic scene in the countries of the world, against the background of the center’s keenness to direct its “Nazra” competition to the global poetic scene.


The competition has received remarkable interaction from the users of the digital platforms on which Dewan Al Arab is present, as well as various participants since the first edition of the competition was launched.


This competition is in addition to a series of “The Arab Diwan” events, through which the Centre seeks to enrich the poetic landscape of the State, to support young talent and to promote it in the various platforms of the Qatar Poetry Centre, on which, in addition to developing the creative talents of young people, there is also a “University Poet” competition organized by the Centre and enjoys remarkable interaction from university youth in the State of Qatar.