The Centre for Photography (Akkas) of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the names of the candidates for the positions of President and Vice-President of the Centre, who have submitted their papers as scheduled in this regard and who are, for the post of President: Mr. Ahmed Khaled Al-Ansari and Mr. Abdulhadi Saleh Al- Marri.


As for the candidates for the position of Vice-President of the Centre for Photography (Akkas), the following candidates were nominated: Mr. Abdalla Mothker Al-Hajri, Mr. Abdullah Abd Al-Hamid Al-Mosleh.


The management of the imaging Centre (Akkas) had already called upon those opposed to the above-mentioned candidates to submit a written objection until last Sunday and had confirmed that no objections would be taken into account after that date.


The first regular General Assembly meeting is scheduled, to be held virtually, on 2nd September, at 4 p.m., through the Zoom or Thames applications. If the quorum is not completed, the postponement shall take place until 9 p.m. the same month, and the second meeting shall be valid in the presence of any number of members.


At that time, the scheduled agenda will be considered, which is hearing the speech of the current director of the center, forming a committee for membership affairs and permanent elections, electing the president and vice president, and discussing the financial report, in addition to any other work.


While the center held several workshops to attract talented people in photography, it had previously invited young photography amateurs to register for its membership and participate in its activities and events, as the center targets the largest gathering of amateurs and those interested in photography in the country, and work on Develop and enhance the skills of photography enthusiasts by organizing specialized workshops and training courses.


In this context, the Centre aims at supporting  photographers, encourage and train young people of both sexes in the practice of photography, develop ways and means for members of the Centre to exercise their activity in an appropriate manner, develop and implement plans and programs for the practice and development of the photography hobby, in order to achieve local interest, as well as to promote photography, and provide conditions for its exercise by scientific, artistic and educational methods and means.


The conditions for membership of the center included that the member be of Qatari nationality, not less than 18 years of age, be of full capacity, of good conduct, of good reputation, and that no final judgment had been issued against him in relation to crimes against honor and honesty unless he had been rehabilitated. He must not have been dismissed or revoked his membership from one of the youth centers, unless four years have passed, in addition to his acknowledgment of his commitment to the center’s statute and bylaws and to achieving its objectives.