The Club’s administration had decided to start the sports activities for professionals in conjunction with the second phase of lifting restrictions starting first of July. This has greatly contributed to the Club’s members regaining of a considerable part of their technical and physical fitness that have declined during the long suspension of activities due to the Corona pandemic. Therefore, most of the contestants are now ready to resume activity.
In his statements yesterday, Salah Ibrahim Al-Mannai, Deputy chief of the Doha Marine SC, announced his deep satisfaction with all the preparations that precede the resumption of the activity. He added that all matters are in place for the organization of various events commensurate with this period of the year in which temperatures and humidity are considerably high.
“The suffering we lived through during these last months,” He added, “due to the Corona pandemic stopping all activities to protect ourselves forces us to adhere to extreme carefulness during periods of gradual return to resume activities so that things go as planned by the state in order for us all to pass this crisis peacefully and with the least losses.” “Therefore,” He added “we will focus on setting up activities in open spaces and in accordance with the precautionary measures approved by the state. We will thus set up safe races away from any gatherings that may cause any kind of concern for the health of club members.”
“During the last period,” the Club’s Deputy Chief continued “we did not stop for a moment from developing precautionary plans and preparing alternative programs to receive the decision of gradual lifting the precautionary restrictions in preparation for the return to normal life. When the second phase of lifting restrictions came, professional contestants were able to resume their training, and thus we started to feel that matters are to soon return to normal.
“We have an integrated program,” He added “to establish various marine sports activities that meet the desires of all sea goers. We will announce the details of this program with the beginning of the implementation of the third phase, immediately after Eidul-Adha holiday, inshallah. Before setting up this program, the Club’s administration was keen to survey all the views of sea-goers to get their opinion of the manner in which the activity is to be resumed and the competitions of this difficult season is to be continued.