The Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Qatari Forum for Authors, held an intellectual session entitled “Dialogue of Generations”, as part of the “Qatari Success” celebration, during which the interviewer, Hessa Al-Suwaidi, hosted both Dr. Hassan Rashid and critic Kaltham Abdul Rahman in order to speak about the promotion and acceptance of a culture of criticism, another session was held, which hosted both the interviewer and the artist Saad Burashid and the broadcaster, Mohamed Hamadi, to talk about media culture and its role. During the two sessions, the speakers’ views on culture and the changes that have occurred in recent years, and their impact on cultural and intellectual production, both quantitatively and qualitatively, were discussed.


At the session devoted to the value of criticism and its importance in framing creative mobility, the critic Dr. Hassan Rashid emphasized that criticism has been close to the creative process ever since, from being a true contributor to the creative movement, and spoke of the initial precursors of the local critical movement.


For her part, the critic Kaltham Abdel Rahman said: The local publishing houses were able during the recent period to move the wheel of literary creativity, but this was not accompanied by an appropriate critical movement.

And about what attracts the critic to a literary work, she explained that the content governs his choice of work, and the human dimensions of the text and what he gave to humanity were a key measure. She stated: The text should not be read as it is. There are other hidden dimensions to be searched and shown.


In the second session, the journalist Saad Burshid initially addressed the concept of media culture historically, pointing out that it was present in schools in the past, but it was not of the same name, and he explained that whoever wants to enter the media field must have psychological and training preparation, and have the ability to criticize and develop for himself first. The broadcaster, Muhammad Al-Hammadi, said: The Qatari media is distinguished by the sophistication of culture in its materials. He pointed out that the establishment of media culture begins according to the field, but personal culture comes before education, then training, and reading.