Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaida, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club, confirmed that communication is done with cultural institutions in the American and Canadian Diaspora to publish books in English and French on Palestinian rights against Zionist arrogance and to highlight the extent of injustice and oppression that the brotherly Palestinian people suffered.


Al- Jaida said, in exclusive statements to Al-Sharq that “This communication aims also at introducing the importance of Islamic sanctities in Palestine, the most important of which is the Temple Mount (Holy Haram), highlighting the history of its architecture and efforts of Umayyads, Mamluks and Ottomans to care for this sacred sanctuary for Muslims stressing the Club’s permanent interest to perpetuate the Legitimate Palestinian struggle through cultural and artistic evening gatherings held on various occasions.


Rare pictures

He revealed that the club will soon display a rare group of pictures and paintings of this Temple Mount in order to highlight the Zionist attempts to seize it starting with Al-Buraq Wall incident which an international committee established Muslim ownership of it as an Islamic endowment and part of the Temple Mount to Haram fire in 1969 and other unsuccessful attempts.


Ibrahim Al-Jaidah said “We in Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club have paid most attention to the Palestinian issue since foundation of this club sixty years ago as we communicate with symbols of Palestinian creativity and study and analyze their work through the Club’s magazine and the club has the honor to publish a series of books entitled “Cultural issues” to document the valuable cultures and creative evening gatherings in which the symbols of Palestinian culture occur including the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”, Mrs. Hanan Ashrawi, the late Poet Mahmoud Darwish, the scientist Antoine Zahlan, the poet Samih Al-Qasim and others who all dealt with and discussed the Palestinian wound.


Historical Facts

He stressed that “as contribution of the club to emphasize the Arab identity of the city of Jerusalem and in support to the Palestinian brothers in their legitimate struggle against the Zionist occupier and as a rejection of the brutal attacks on our brothers in the land of Palestine, the club broadcasted a video entitled “Facts about the city of Jerusalem”.


Al-Jaida said, “The video provides historical highlights that confirm the Arabism of Palestine” and that its materials are quoted from the statements of the late thinker Dr. Muhammad Emara who had previously visited Al-Jarsa Cultural Club in the evening gatherings of the club in the eighties in the previous century that were held in the club from time to time.


In this context, a number of social media users interacted with this video because of historical information that highlights the Arab and Islamic right in Palestine and in the heart of it is the Holy City of Jerusalem. The information in the video states that the city of Jerusalem was built by Jebusite Arabs in the fourth millennium BC. This means that age of the Arab identity of Jerusalem goes back to more than 6 thousand years and that prophet Moses, peace be upon him, was raised, born, lived, learned, sent and buried in Egypt without visiting Jerusalem and Palestine and that he lived in the thirteenth century BC. Therefore, Jerusalem is Arab 27 centuries before prophet Moses, peace be upon him.