The Ministry of Culture’s exhibit at the Doha International Book Fair is richly diverse, as several of the Ministry’s specialized centers are contributing by holding events and activities. For example, Wijdan Cultural Center is organizing a series of book launchings and story telling sessions. Yesterday, the center launched a new book entitled Wijdan Guide for Children and Care Givers. The story telling events organized by the Ministry follow the hakawati traditions of professional story tellers before the invention of radio and TVs. Every neighborhood used to have a professional story teller who would perform at social gatherings, particularly during holidays and Ramadan.


The Visual Arts Center

Among the Ministry’s centers that are contributing to its exhibit is the Visual Arts Center, which is offering opportunities for visitors to learn about its activities and training programs. The center is reaching out to all those interested in visual arts, and it is providing workshops on drawing, painting, coloring, illustrating, photography, ceramics, basic design, and digital design.


This year, the Ministry’s exhibit is focused on digital books, as visitors can download an entire library of 400 books that can be read on cellphones or any smart devices at no cost.