Amidst a heritage atmosphere and an evocation of authentic Qatari customs and traditions, the “Gargee’an Market” activities, organized by the Ministry of Culture, were launched yesterday evening, during the period from 18th to 24th March, at Darb AL Saai HQ in Umm Salal. Gargee’an Market emulates the atmosphere of Al Freej, the old Qatari neighbourhood, with its distinctive designs that are in line with this special heritage occasion, which reflects the nobility of Qatari heritage, and the authenticity of traditions and customs entrenched in the memory of the people of the country. The launch of the “Gargee’an Market” witnessed a remarkable public turnout, as the public was keen to benefit from the heritage of the ancient past by purchasing Gargee’an and traditional clothes that reflect these aspects deeply rooted in the conscience and memory of Qataris. The market includes approximately 80 stores that display and sell a variety of Gargee’an supplies, food, and a variety of goods. The market activities also include the Gargee’an competition, presented by journalist Iman Al Kaabi and Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser, and it includes several topics specifically related to Gargee’an, in addition to authentic Qatari customs and traditions. The Gargee’an Market includes various activities that support the pillars of authentic Qatari heritage, including Al-Musaharrati, Al-Hanaiya and Hazawy Ramadan, presented by the artist, Hadiya Saeed.
The “Gargee’an Market” activities also include sections of traditional folk games, in addition to Al-Mutawa event, in addition to providing a number of workshops for children to develop their understanding of the Qatari heritage, plus holding various activities. Artists, Hadiya Saeed and Munther Thani also appear with the children in the activity (Hazawy Ramadan), which is a Ramadan storybook that tells children stories from the Qatari Ramadan heritage. This event comes as an extension of the success achieved by the (Hazawy Hadiya Saeed) event, which was presented by the center as part of the National Day activities in Darb AL Saai, through which the artist, in her distinctive folk style in the traditional story of sideburns, was able to attract a large segment of children and adults. In this regard, the distinguished artist Hadiya Saeed expressed her happiness with the children’s interaction, explaining that Hazawy has a great impact on the souls of the children, as it makes the child feel warm and familiar, and through it moral values can be instilled in the souls of the children, in addition to providing the children with some traditional vocabulary from the past.

She pointed out that Hazawy is an appropriate way to introduce local culture, customs and traditions, which she adopted during her participation in previous events, especially those that coincided with the country’s hosting of important events such as the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup, and that during the current event, which is Gargee’an Market, she adopts introducing children to Ramadan rituals and customs. The market also included the Al-Musaharrati event with the aim of introducing new generations to this popular heritage, as it was customary for a volunteer from the people of the neighbourhood/Al-Farij to undertake the task of waking up people, as he would borrow a drum from the popular band present in the neighbourhood, or be one of its members, and this is the case, and he would come out in the third last quarter the night was to wake up the people for Suhoor by beating a steady rhythm on a drum, repeating in his sweet voice a chant such as, (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad, O Messenger of Allah. There is no God but Allah, wake for Suhoor, O worshippers of Allah). There were a number of Suhoor performers who were roaming the areas of Doha.
The profession of the magician remains part of the heritage, as the Ministry of Culture presents it at the Gargee’an Market event in order to emulate the ancient magician and preserve the heritage.