The Qatari Forum for Authors presents a new initiative in the holy month of Ramadan entitled “Ambassadors of Their Countries,” broadcast on Al-Multaqa Channel, and presented by Dr. Ali Afifi Ali Ghazi. The initiative aims to present five dialogues with Arab personalities who have lived in the State of Qatar for many years and contributed thereof. In order to know Qatar when they came to it, what was it like? How are you today? What were the customs and traditions of the holy month of Ramadan in the past in Qatar and in their homeland? How is it now? What changes have occurred? What did they add to Qatar to deserve to become ambassadors for their countries there? The initiative aims to address residents of the State of Qatar and the cultural community in the countries of these figures, as they are ambassadors of their homelands in the State of Qatar. The guests of the initiative are: Dr. Muhammad Harb Farzat, Muhammad Hammam Fikri, Dr. Salim Azouz, Amal Al-Yahyawi and Nashwa Babakir Issa.