Mrs. Khadija Abu Halaika, Youth Affairs Adviser at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, revealed the launch of the “Ambassadors of Support” program, as part of the activities of the International Youth Day.


Abu Halaika, yesterday, in an interview with “our lives” program, on “Qatar TV” said that the “Ambassadors of Support” program qualifies the participants to represent the State of Qatar at the international level, explaining that registration for the program will be opened this morning on the ministry’s website and social media platforms.


She, The Youth Affairs Adviser, added: The “Ambassadors of Support” program and a harmonious mix of our youth, consisting of 30 young men and women, will be selected at the technical, cultural and leadership levels, pointing to the requirements for registration, which is that the applicant must be Qatari, and his age is not more than 35 years and not less than 22 years. He must also have a university degree. Abu Halaika pointed out that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is one of the partners of the “Ambassadors of Support” program, in addition to the Student Leadership Center at Qatar University and the Al Jazeera Training Institute.