The State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC) continued to broadcast a series of video meetings with a number of Arab officials and ambassadors to the country, important figures, media professionals, influencers and poets, to enhance the participation of all segments of society in the celebrations of the National Day of the State that coincide with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, by highlighting Qatari National identity and culture to the community and the country’s guests from all over the world. The Ministry of Culture published these videos on its digital platforms, keeping pace with the celebrations of the country’s National Day.
In turn, His Excellency Khaled Bader Al-Mutairi, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the State of Qatar, conveyed the greetings of the political leadership of the State of Kuwait to the State of Qatar on the occasion of its celebration of the National Day wishing continued security and stability throughout Qatar and all Gulf states.
For his part, His Highness Prince Mansour bin Khalid bin Farhan Al Saud, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the State of Qatar, stressed that the World Cup is a real success for the State of Qatar, and an opportunity to introduce visitors to the authentic cultural heritage, and to celebrate the championship and the National Day of the State of Qatar. He stressed that holding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will present an image to the guests of the World Cup from all the countries of the region, and the world’s attention will be directed to Qatar.
As for His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Mustafa Al Lafi, Ambassador of the state of Libya to the State of Qatar, he said: We are proud and honored to participate in the celebration of the National Day of the State, and we will contribute to reviving cultural forums by introducing the Libyan culture.
As for Dr. Mohammed Noemi Al-Hajri, the official spokesman for the Government Communications Office, he stressed that “this year is different, and Doha will be the capital of the peoples of the world, and on the occasion of the National Day, the pride in Qatar’s remarkable achievements at various levels is renewed.”
For his part, journalist Jaber Al-Harami said: The National Day is an occasion to remind the march of Qatar and the role of its leaders, as well as an occasion to stress social cohesion and adherence to values and ethics.
As for Mr. Hussein Al-Fardan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Fardan Group, he invited all visitors to Qatar during the World Cup to participate in the activities of the National Day, as it will be a special day that will allow World Cup guests to learn about how the celebrations are performed. He said that December 18th will be a special day for all who wish to know how Qatar celebrates the National Day.
In turn, Engineer Ibrahim Al-Jaida described the National Day of the State as a celebration of Qatari identity, as well as a celebration of Qatar’s achievements, and an opportunity to express loyalty and national belonging. While Dr. Hassan Rashid said that Qatar opens its doors to all visitors, whose visit to the country will be an opportunity to learn about its civilization and convey its real image to the world.
As for the journalist Majid Al-Khulaifi, he confirmed that the National Day of the State this year will be special because it coincides with the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals, an event that will dazzle the world, because of modern and amazing infrastructure and facilities Qatar has, all of which will reflect the civilized face of the state. The journalist Khaled Jassim also said that this year, the celebration of the National Day will be different from previous years, as it coincides with Qatar’s success in organizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
As for the cartoonist, Saad Al-Mohannadi, he called on visitors to Qatar from the FIFA World Cup fans to participate in Qatar’s celebration of the country’s National Day, and learn about the culture and history of the country.
It is worth noting that the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC) was keen to prepare promotional and welcoming videos in Arabic, as well as a number of foreign languages, to emphasize the upholding of the values of the National Day and pride in the authentic national identity and to highlight the bright aspects of our history and culture and the extent of our belief in civilized interaction with other cultures and our pride in our Islamic Arabic values before the world.