Researcher Amal Mahmoud Al-Qatati, a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, signed her book Architecture Without Architects, which was discussed within the activities of Al-Jasra Cultural Salon at Doha International Book Fair, and moderated by writer Maha Hamid. The book discusses the architectural features of the Qatari house in the pre-oil period.

The researcher said: “The most important feature of my book is that it provides an explanation for current and future generations of how their ancestors built their homes using materials from the environment.” She talked about the elements and design of the Qatari house, as well as the materials used in building these houses, and the aesthetic values ​​that characterized ancient houses, including the value of preserving the environment.

She added: “I discovered through my experience that the Qatari house included distinctive decorations and designs and important environmental elements. The old generation was fully aware of the importance of preserving the environment, as they used various materials that highlighted this awareness. My aim is to seek to convey this awareness to future generations.”

She pointed out that it took her up to seven years to gather material for the background of this book as a result of the absence of sources and the numerous difficulties she encountered in reaching all the areas covered by the book, noting that this book will be a reference in the study of the details of Qatari lodgings in the pre-oil period (stone and clay houses). The author offered in her book a summary of her experience as a researcher in traditional Qatari architecture and in designing geometric and decorative drawings.