Alreyada Girls center announced its readiness to hold elections that will begin tomorrow, Monday, to choose new board of directors according to directions of Ministry of Culture and Sports and within the framework of its strategy that aims at empowering and supporting Qatari Youth to assume leadership positions in youth centers.

The elections aim at making young people active and involved in formulating strategies and plans that help them achieve their goals and ambitions in the field of youth work.

Members of the electoral committee assure that election is a positive step that shares in educating young people about the role and importance of elections in addition to providing the opportunity for girls and young people to choose their representatives in management of these centers specially after the Ministry of Culture and Sports paid attention to youth and its work according to its plan in order for the youth to lead these centers.

The committee supervising the elections at the center revealed procedures followed to choose nominees (candidates) for the positions of the president and vice president of the center pointing to taking into account availability of conditions set in candidates including that the applicant should be of Qatari nationality, of good conduct and has not been dismissed from any youth center.

Mayada Al-jabr, member of the General Committee of Election Affairs, said that the registration mechanism in the General Assembly was done at the beginning within going to the center and registration and after increase in the number of cases of Coronavirus infection during the last period, an electronic program approved by the Ministry of Culture and Sports was approved that allows registration and entering all data required under the supervision of the electoral committee members.

She added that the number of registered members in the General Assembly reached 344 members and 3 candidates for the position of the head (president) of the center and one member for the position of the center’s vice-president. She said that there is a great demand for registration in the General Assembly to consolidate the concept of elections among girls and youth through all what Alreyada Girls Center provided for girls during the last period within all social media platforms to communicate this concept to its affiliates.

Amna Khalfan, representative of legal affairs in Membership and Elections Committee said, “We are working in the committee to follow up the implementation of everything stated in Alreyada Girls Center’s articles of association regarding dates, applications and everything that must be adhered to during the elections process and preparation for it”.


She explained that conditions for joining the General Assembly stipulated in the articles of association include that the applicant must be of Qatari nationality, be at least 18 years old, be of good conduct and have not been convicted of a crime related to honor or honesty and has not been dismissed previously from any youth center and adhering to rules and regulations.


As for conditions for nomination for the positions of President and Vice-President, they include that the candidate should be a member of the General Assembly, be of Qatari nationality and should be between ages of 21 to 39 years and be of good conduct..etc.


Alia Al-Maadeed, member of the General Committee of Elections Affairs said, “Our role in the committee is to enhance members’ affiliation to lead Girls Centers especially in Alreyada Girls Center regarding applications submitted to the General Assembly as all applications were carefully reviewed”.

She explained that the goal of the General Assembly is to consolidate a greater role of Alreyada Girls Center in the region through programs offered to the community as these centers play an effective role in educating the community and youth, developing youth capabilities and enhancing community interaction.

Also, she said that the General Assembly received more than one nomination application from female members and aim of this election is to consolidate leadership skills and identify the role of Qatari girls who aspire to be active citizens in society to be able to take over the management of Alreyada Girls Center.