The “Al-Wejdan Al-Hadari” (Civilizational Conscience) Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports continues a series of its various programs and intellectual lectures during the holy month of Ramadan through its digital platforms on social networking sites, based on its mission and work to contribute to activating the system of values that enhance the national identity.
In this context, Dr. Jassem Sultan, Director of the Centre, will give several lectures in a live broadcast every Wednesday. This comes within the activities of the cultural centre aimed at enriching societal awareness and achieving its mission in the study of authentic social values, during which it deals with several topics coinciding with the current situation the entire world is experiencing with the Corona pandemic. Hence, the headlines commensurate with this crisis, “Corona is the opportunity… for individuals and societies”, and “Culture and its role in crises”. Lectures continued during Ramadan with “human and culture”, “customs, traditions and culture”, and Lectures are all about the perspectives that the Centre is working to publish, including the relationship of man to science and religion and the other and its relationship to time. The Centre has also produced a set of programs dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan, including “emotional thoughts” presented by Dr. Jassim Sultan. It is broadcast every Thursday during the holy month, knowing that the first episode had touched on a very important topic, which is “hope” in light of the circumstances in which we live today and the growing anxiety about the future. Meanwhile, in the second and third episodes, he goes back to the topic of “Values and Ramadan” and “Ramadan and Spiritual Desires” that talk about major ideas that may contribute to changing the intellectual style and culture prevailing around this great month.
In the same context, Al-Wajdan Al-Hadhari Centre contributed to the production of a Ramadan program entitled “With the Prophets” by Dr. Jassim Sultan, produced by “Doha 360”. The program aims to highlight the interactions between man and the heavenly messages through Sultan’s narration of the life of the Apostles and the challenges they faced during the fulfilment of their messages. The Centre also produced a series entitled “Emotions” by writer and researcher Yasser Al-Gharbawi and presented by “Youssef Shallar”. It broadcasts through the Centre’s platforms on Sunday and Thursday at five in the evening during Ramadan. This series aims to highlight the importance of a set of values in the lives of Muslims, such as “human dignity”, Forgiveness and compassion.
On the other hand, the Centre presented a weekly competition during the month of Ramadan entitled “Value in a verse” that allows everyone to participate by sending “three verses” indicating values in the Holy Quran. It is worth noting that the Centre has presented a questionnaire to its fans entitled “What do you think of science after the Corona pandemic? Is science the cause of this disease or is it a weapon against the disease?” This is a question that witnessed a great interaction by the followers. Most of them voted that science is stronger than disease despite the mystery that wrap this epidemic, stressing their adherence to hope.