Al- Wakra Youth Centre, on the occasion of the World Youth Day, is organizing a lecture entitled “youth, and saving life” presented by both of Dr Ahmed Adlaby and coach Mohamed Saad Barakat, in collaboration with the Qatari Red Crescent, through the Zoom program and under the supervision of the Department of Youth Activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The lecturers talked about life-saving and first aid fundamentals, CPR principles, and first aid principles in cases of asphyxiation, wounds, bleeding, burns, fractures, heat stress, sun blow, trauma, epilepsy, drowning, poisoning, snake and scorpions’ bites.


The lecture also included practical applications on how to deal with disaster injuries and how to assess and manage accidents, as well as practical training on CPR in children and infants and how to use a defibrillator in practice, as well as training on procedures and basic steps for dealing with risk situations and ensuring the safety of the accident site, as well as how to work out the patient’s awakening until the ambulance arrives.