The Al-Wakra Youth Centre has concluded its special program ” substantial House 2021 which it has set up in cooperation with an education center, with a total of 20 training hours, with the participation of 26 young people through “Al-Wakra Youth Center” via zoom application.


The program serves the youth segment of society in their optimal preparation, under the supervision and follow-up of the Department of Youth Activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Mr. Mohamed Al- Muftah, Director of the Centre, emphasized the importance of these courses and their major contribution to the dissemination of sound family culture, and the targeted outreach that contributes to the education of young people and those coming to marriage, in particular, in order to build a strong, coherent family on sound and proper grounds, primarily targeting young people coming to marriage and newlyweds to create a strong and coherent marital relationship, noting that the course continued for 4 weeks to conclude last Wednesday evening.


At the end of the program, the participants were honored with the marital coaching bag as a distinctive and practical program to qualify those who are about to get married and build a solid marital relationship on the right foundations. The course responded to all the questions and inquiries about marriage.


The session was presented by Dr. Issa Al-Hor, Chairman of the Awareness and Information Group of the National Committee, and the well-known writer and presenter of the radio and television programs, during which, he noted the importance of the workshops held during this special session. These included: “Proper Marital Choice Workshop.” It included multiple axes, such as: The willingness to marry, the choice of a life partner, the management of the engagement period and the marriage contract. and others), second: The Workshop on a Strong Marital Relationship has included various axes, such as: Understanding the nature and needs of the life partner, the methods of communication, the elements of compatibility between the couple’s roles, rights, duties, differences, innovative ways to resolve them, managing emotions… And others.


It is worth noting that the training hours in the program amounted to (20 training hours), and a luxurious bag was handed over as a gift from a special education training center, in addition to providing post-training follow-up services such as consultations and others, with each trainee receiving an approved certificate from the center.