“Basics of photography” course organized by the Al-Wakra Youth Center, as part of its summer activities and programs, this year, in collaboration with Akas Center will be concluded today, Thursday, evening.


The course was launched yesterday and was presented by Professor Abdallah Al -Mannai, under the supervision and follow – up of the Department of Youth Activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The lecturer talked about the basics of photography and the usage skills, How the cameras work, how the best possible results can be achieved by the camera. He talked about the right environment for shooting and how to choose the appropriate backgrounds according to the event, as well as the required technical techniques in the said setting. In addition to the right position to take a successful and sound photo free of special lighting defects, and other imaging defects.


The lecturer began by introducing the parts of the camera, from the external structure, to the reflective mirror, as well as the film chip inside it, the capture points (focus), the lens slot and latch, and lighting, which is considered to be an essential part of photography, as well as the types of lenses and when and how each lens is used, whether for close-up photos, portraits, large and wide photos, and other types and methods of photography.


Three awards were allocated for the best photo of the participants at a value of “500” riyals for each winner.