Al-Wakra Youth Center has developed an ambitious plan for its summer activities and it includes qualitative activities for its affiliates including various cultural, religious and social events in addition to training programs in taekwondo, swimming and participation in internal and external cultural and sports competitions. This plan aims at consolidating the intellectual side of youth in addition to meaningful dialogues that train youth on various skills.

Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Muftah, chairman of Al-Wakra Youth Center, said “We have an ambitious plan to combines innovation, enjoyment and benefit with full commitment to precautionary measures taken by the State to combat Corona pandemic (Covid-19) as most activities will be organized within distance learning (e-learning) through visual programs. Some of them are within the authorized and allowed number including social and recreational activity which will have the greatest share and attention and scientific and heritage visits, visiting monuments, recreational games such as PlayStation, Baby Foot, Carrom game and other games in this aspect that the Youth desires and accepts.

Also, he explained that a tournament will be held in these games to spread the spirit of competition among participants and youth will learn the basics of taekwondo in addition to practicing sports activities that play great role in interaction and happiness of the youth and within organizing a football league for young and old participants. Moreover, competitions will be held in individual and group games including educational and enlightenment camps program, training youth on swimming skills, other activities and external events and participation.

The center also offers programs that contribute to the self-development and human development of participants through selected courses and workshops organized by a group of specialists in more than one field.

For his part, Mohammad Al-Amri, vice-chairman of Al-Wakra Youth Center said that the center’s aim in establishing these activities is to develop capabilities, refine skills of participants, increase their scientific achievement, increase, develop and support positive behaviors, address negative behaviors, provide youth with various experiences and invest their free time through meaningful programs that Youth of the southern region accepts and finds in them appropriate and disciplined outlet under responsible scientific supervision.

He highlighted the role of the center in supporting the cultural process in the region and urged the distinguished to participate and interact with the center’s programs as this category of participants will be honored with certificates of appreciation and valuable awards along the period of the program and throughout the duration of the activities and to contribute to increasing the number of Qatari supervisors on these programs who will be welcomed and honored as well. He stressed that the plan of this year is in line with the precautionary measures followed in the State to limit the spread of Corona virus. Besides, he demonstrated the role of the center and its continuous work throughout the year to encourage youth through meaningful activities that will be held continuously along the year and in a manner that is in line with the aspirations and ambitions of youth.