Al Wakra Youth Center discussed its distinguished activities through which it serves the South Region and the age groups from eight to twenty five for this year 2021. It discussed the role of social networking sites in promoting values in cooperation with Al Wejdan Cultural Center under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Youth Activities and Events Department. It hosted a lot of people interested in this aspect through Zoom application where the lecturer explained what the social networking sites provided to the user including virtual interactive environment and what they are doing in raising awareness, shaping the diverse cultures and behaviors of individuals in all societies.


The writer and author Omar Shams El-Din talked about the role of these sites in promoting values as they are an important tool of change and communication through these sites, participation and interaction with others through them in various activities, exchanging information, opinions and ideas and acquiring diverse experiences and cultures which transcend borders. This makes them an effective weapon in spreading virtue and consolidating values among various groups in society.


The lecturer emphasized elements of Qatari identity within the system of values that is based on human being through the practice of mercy, dignity and freedom as well as dealing with the other based on citizenship, respect, humanity and partnership in one society in addition to the position of time and science and then work and perfect achievement to participate in the renaissance and development based on the system of authentic values in his society.


Also, the lecturer demonstrated the effective role of the self, group and mass communication in one environment that is saved by the social networking sites to contribute to reshaping of life in societies by influencing the system of values that constitute behavior of individuals inside the society.