Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti presented his papers for his official nomination for presidency of Al-Arabi SC for the 2020-2024 round elections. With him is Fahd Abdullah Al-Mal as Vice-President on a list called (Al-Arabi). Thus, the (Al-Arabi) list is the second to run for presidency after that of (Khalifa bin Hamad). This list includes HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani who runs for presidency along with Abdullah Jumah Al-Hitmi as Vice President. Nomination had commenced on the eighteenth of this month. the General Assembly’s ordinary meeting of Al-Arabi SC shall be held on Monday, 31st August, at seven o’clock in the evening.
The nomination of former Al-Annabi and Al-Arabi team star Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti for the position of SC president, accompanied by Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Mal on a youth list finds acceptance and support from many SC members. Al-Sulaiti confirmed that he would maintain the achievements of other sports besides football and work on giving due care to the football activity. He added that Al-Arabi will be one of the summit clubs and will find support of three former presidents besides some companies.
It is expected that the elections will witness strong competition between the current SC president, HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani’s group and that of Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti. The votes battle will be at its fiercest before the elections. Sheikh Khalifa’s group will attempt to attract more votes from that of Al-Sulaiti’s. The opposite is also expected to happen. Al-Sulaiti’s group will attempt to attract more votes from that of Sheikh Khalifa bin Jabr. This is the basic battle in the elections and is expected to come strong, hot and exciting and have a great impact among all Al-Arabi team fans.