Al-Sadu” is one of the traditional heritage crafts that have a history among the people of Qatar, as it is included in many products used in the daily life of citizens, and the materials used in it are wool, animal hair, and hair of sheep, goats, and camels, and for this reason it was necessary for this craft to receive attention from the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations to be present within the activities of Darb Al Saai, in order to introduce young people to that craft that grandparents value and women take care of in particular who are keen to learn and teach it to their children.

It is one of the ancient Bedouin crafts associated with women, as the homes of Qataris are decorated with Al-Sadu products in various shapes and colors, and women compete in Al-Sadu products in order to prepare distinctive pieces, where they use traditional tools such as the spindle, the Mansheh, the Misha, the Loom and the Horn.

Here, Umm Saeed, the owner of the Heritage and Sadu store in Darb Al Saai, says that “Sadu” products are used in many things related to homes and councils, such as mattresses and pillow covers, in addition to the pieces that are placed on the walls to give the place a distinctive heritage character. Besides, Al-Sadu products are also used to furnish the yards and design bags and rugs, and having a well-known and distinctive Sadu patterns. She explained that she make products from the old original wool.

Umm Saeed said that there is a great demand for Al-Sadu products among visitors to Darb Al Saai, which confirms the extent of the correlation and linkage between citizens and their heritage, as everyone is keen that Al-Sadu products decorate the homes and majalis.

In addition, the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations also provided an opportunity for productive families who produce traditional heritage clothes to display their products in Darb Al Saai in the market area, which includes the clothes that were designed in the manner of old clothes, whether for adults or children, but in modern forms.

These outlets in the market area witness a large number of families who are keen to buy this type of clothing ,

For her part, Umm Mubaraka, one of the women who has an outlet selling traditional clothes in Darb Al Saai, said that among the clothes offered for her is the Qatari dress for children, which are made in new designs, as well as clothes for adult women, all of which are in old traditional shapes, considering that Darb Al Saai is an opportunity for them in order to display their products, especially since the whole place is full of heritage, whether in the events presented or even in the areas of the shops.