Al-Reyada Girls Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS) is launching a new course for the benefit of the female members during the summer holiday, in cooperation with the North Atlantic College. Lectures for preparation for the ILETS test will be offered via ZOOM to prepare participants and train them on test techniques and mechanisms to help them obtain the required score. The course is scheduled to start next Sunday, July 12, and last until July 23, for two hours a day from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Throughout the course, the international ILETS test and Registration method will be introduced to participants, who will also learn about and practice the four test sections. Further, they will be trained on the test strategies along with an intensive practice on all the parts and procedures of the test. Student will be tested to determine their proficiency level and those enrolled in the course will be given priority to take the test. The Center also announced that the registration process will continue until July 10.